Top 20 Eco Friendly Green Pet Products
Our favorite green pet products that we use on our four legged friends (and a 3-legged one too.) Going green has gone to the dogs (and cats)! It’s a fact that being environmentally friendly not only helps you but it also helps our four-legged friends. If keeping your home filled with sustainable items for yourself  [...]
Train Your Dog to Walk on a Leash
Leash walking training is essential for breeds such as the German Shorthaired Pointer. Learn some leash walking tips in our dog leash training guide below: Attention Walking Dog Leash Training 101 The goal here is to make the dog think you’re the center of the universe. This may be challenging at first as your new  [...]
7 Foods That Are Toxic to Your Pets
People foods are delicious to your pets, and while many of them can boost the overall health and nutrition of your furry four-legged friend, there are some foods you should avoid feeding your pet. Here is a list of the most dangerous foods for cats and dogs. Apricot Pits and other fruit seeds including plum,  [...]
Carhartt Duck Dog Bed Review
Not all dog beds are created equal! Since I adopted my pup 2 years ago I seem to be going through beds every few months. They either rip apart, get soiled or just wear all the padding to the ground. That was however in the past before I purchased Carhartt Duck Dog Bed made of  [...]
Meteorlight Light Up L.E.D Dog Ball
The Meteorlight K-9 L.E.D Dog Ball will bring as much fun to your dog as it will to you. In the middle of the ball you can press down a button that activates a bright L.E.D. light. Your dog will instantly be intrigued. Now comes the fun part, we live on a ranch so I  [...]
Granite Gear Alpha Dog Pack Review
Do you love being outdoors, going on hikes with your dog? Do you resent, or does it slightly bother you, the extra weight your best friend’s supplies adds to your own? The Alpha Dog Pack by Granite Gear offers you the perfect solution. Strategically Designed The Alpha Dog Pack is a pack that the dog  [...]
Mountainsmith K-9 Cube Review
THE PITCH: Traveling with your dog and looking for an easy way to carry their food, bowls, toys treats in one easy bad with plenty of room left over, if so you need to invest in the Mountainsmith K-9 Cube for your next vacation. Mountainsmith designs high-level performance backpacks, lumbar packs, travel storage, camera bags.  [...]
Peak Waggers Gourmet Dog Food
Founded by Colorado local Gayle Brooks up in Nederland, Colorado – Peak Waggers Gourmet Dog Food was developed for dogs that like to hike, run and ski with their owners in the backcountry. Lugging pounds and pounds of dry bland dog food onto a is less then ideal, there has to be a better solution.  [...]
No Dogs Allowed
Southern California has got to be one of the least dog friendly places I have ever visited. The town I grew up in Seal Beach for instance has No Dogs Allowed signs posted in almost every park, public place and even lining the beach telling you to keep your dogs away. Funny as last time  [...]