• This whole website is complete crap. I hope people aren’t reading this and actually taking it seriously. Raw meat is the best thing you can feed a dog. Please look elsewhere for pet nutrition advice.

  • Shawna

    “the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked the Natural Research Council to produce a report on the safety of supplements in general and to review three specific supplements (lutein, evening primrose oil, and garlic) offered for horses, dogs, and cats.. A committee of experts, consisting of animal nutritionist, veterinarians, clinical pharmacologists, and toxicologists, was established for this purpose. The committee addressed safety only;”

    They found, regarding garlic in dogs, “there is a long history of safe use”. http://dels.nas.edu/resources/static-assets/materials-based-on-reports/reports-in-brief/satety_of_dietary_supplements_final.pdf

    Current studies do show some red blood cell loss at very high doses (much more than any sane person would feed, or dog would eat) but even at those high doses fed for multiple days they did not cause heinz body anemia.

    Raw meats are widely fed to dogs by laypersons and vets alike. Vets like Dr. Karen Becker, Dr. Martin Goldstein, Dr. Barbara Royal, Dr. Amy Nesselrodt and many many more, all easily verifiable online, recommend and feed their own raw, including raw meats.