• steve geiger

    Incredibly handsome GSP (german short-haired pointer). We had one as well, but he died a couple years ago. Awesome dogs, so lean, so friendly and active. Only problem for us is he would run off now and again. They are born to run and follow their nose. How do you keep Char from running off?

    • Mike Hardaker


      Thanks for the comment, I do love my little GSP. I have found daily exercise at minimum 30 minutes off leash helps with this bread. This is my second shorthair and my last was not exericed nearly enough and learned my lessons the heard way. As for the recall, she understands that when we go out where going to have ALOT of fun, so she respects me 99.9% of the time. We also practice letting her zip up the road and then whistleing or calling her name. She gets one try, if I can tell she aint listening we turn around and head back in.

      Shit I had a day this winter we drove up the pass, she was acting out. I got out the truck, got back in and drove home. Needless to say she got the message.

      Thanks again for the support!

      So you getting another shorthair? If so I love this forum – http://gundogforum.com/