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2 Comments on "This Whole Experiment Sounds Rather Desperate and Sad"

James Graven

Great write up Mike. Ah the pressure – photos or it didn’t happen! Smart phones and Facebook are the crack cocaine of technology – they cause a massive release of dopamine in the same way sex, food and drugs can.

This year I’ve resolved to put the phone in a basket at the house when I’m done with work. real life is more important, plus it’s fun to talk like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, “put the phone in the basket!”

Mike Hardaker
“Smart phones and Facebook are the crack cocaine of technology ” spot on James, appreciate the comment. When I took 6 months off Facebook it was refreshing, I had lots of extra time on my hands go figure. What on earth did people do 10 years ago when they had extra time on their hands? The colors, the sounds, all of it like you said are dopamine heavy. The thing is, the fact that you know of this and run a basket at home (clever) and there are stories on these topics as of late, eventually even against the will… Read more »