• Mike Hardaker

    I have heard Valemount has the potential to be even better than Revi due to the terrain and annual snow. This is where CMH operates correct? Looks like a heavily place to recreate outdoors.

    Appreciate the comment on the local economy, this seems like a win win for everyone involved, especially the locals.

    Do you see them being able to expand air transport into the valley? Or would it still require a 2-3 hour drive?

  • Greg

    I have lived in Valemount for more than 40 years and you are correct, this is ripping terrain. Also, it is in the middle of no other development with Jasper’s Marmot Basin being 75 miles away.

    Although there will be environmental impact there are HUGE spaces all around the resort that are completely wilderness including very significant parks.

    The logging that has dominated the economy has made far more impact than any resort would make and that industry currently runs unchecked in the valley.
    The new economy will help to create more awareness of this very sparsely populated area and that is actually a good thing. Economics do affect land use and if more people realize the incredible outdoor opportunities in this valley more support will be available to protect the spectacular resources this valley has to offer.

    While there are a lot of resorts in BC the north does not have any. While this development will attract a wider audience folks in northern Alberta and BC will have a much appreciated local area.

    The economy in Valemount has been very hard hit for almost 20 years and while these will not be largely good paying jobs it looks far better now for keeping the schools going and services should increase.

    I have skied the slopes of VGD many times and I can tell you this is truly going to be a resort worth visiting. Much of the terrain has historically been used for Heliskiing and touring but there is still 1000’s of square miles that can be used for that.

    Come check it out . . .

    • Dann Albright

      Thanks for your thoughts! I’ve heard some interesting things about the economic state of the Valemount area. One article I read said that the tourism industry there is actually doing really well already . . . would you agree with that? Or do you think a boost from the resort is necessary?

      Also, I agree with you that there’s thousands of square miles of wild lands out there, and that’s a good thing. And that it will remain largely untouched. But even very small changes can have significant impacts on ecosystems. I’m not saying this will necessarily cause big problems in the area . . . just that I’m always a bit nervous when I hear about massive developments.

      And I wasn’t aware that Valemount was in a big logging area. That’s definitely going to have a huge effect, and if the development of the resort can decrease (or at least attenuate) logging, I’m all for that.

      Lots of interesting stuff to think about here. Thanks so much for reading and getting back to us!