• Z

    I dont really want to defend vail resorts, but you clearly used those pictures of lift lines out of context. The second was on a holiday, where the resort got over a foot overnight, the highway closed to everyone was literally stuck in the valley with nothing else to do, and that area of the mountain has ONLY that one gondola to get up. They also dont mention how that line was cleared up in under an hour and then the rest of the day was business as normal. The first picture was on yet another powder day, on the far back side of the mountain, after one of the lifts a bit higher up broke down towards the end of the day. Everyone needs to ride one of those lifts to get back to the back bowls and work your way towards the front side, so when a major lift breaks down everyones forced to ride the other 2 smaller lifts to get out.

    • Mike Hardaker

      Well I spent 10 years living and riding in the Vail Valley and can tell you that most other resorts around the country do not see lift lines and issues with parking as Vail does. I left the valley when I sat in a Beaver Creek Marketing meeting where they wanted to increase skier capacity by adding a 6 person lift at the bottom without adding any additional terrain? That company cares about one thing, making money. And you can’t blame them for wanting to sell lift tickets and epic passes

    • Travis

      Maybe there are multiple instances of pictures like this (the 2nd pic), but this was not a holiday. This was a Friday as I was there that day (January 31st, 2014 – maybe some obscure holiday?). It was a big powder day for sure, but it was anything but business as usual. An hour wait for a lift line to start the day and the back bowls were basically the same. I think we did 3 runs before noon – and no, I wasn’t a late riser, we parked the car at 7:15 am. In the end, it basically felt like all the cards lined up perfect for a ton of people on the mountain, but it is by no means a one off situation, Vail resorts consistently has big lift lines in CO as its money before experience for sure. Lest not forget that was already 3 years ago and season pass numbers have increased considerably since then.

  • Joe Wolf

    Just couldn’t hide your bias, could ya? Let me guess, you’re a PCMR local and still butthurt that there hasn’t been any real impact on your beloved mountain since VRI took over.

    • Mike Hardaker

      Hide my bias on my personal blog? Not a chance bud, and I actual call the Tetons home. Never spend a season in Utah, LDS and I wouldn’t see eye to eye.

      Thanks for the comment!!