Best Places to Practice Yoga in Denver
DENVER, CO – What’s the best yoga studio in Denver? This question had me scratching my head the more I pondered it. And so it began, the immersion into Denver’s yoga scene. Over the course of a few months, I had the privilege of delving into ten studios, in and around Metro Denver. Of all  [...]
How to do Fallen Star
This is our ongoing how to yoga series. We show you how to do yoga poses, be sure to stay within your abilities. Stretching, meditating and eating healthy combined with a routine yoga practice can do wonders to your heart body, mind, and soul. Fallen Star Yoga Pose Instructions 1. Start in downward dog pose  [...]
How to do Tree Pose
Tree Pose Yoga Pose Instructions Yoga poses focus on the bottom up, meaning the yogi must first focus on creating a strong foundation with the earth for the rest of the alignment pieces to work properly. This is also true for surfing. One must learn to root down to their board in order to balance  [...]
How to do Boat Pose
Boat Pose Yoga Pose Instructions As mentioned previously, core poses are helpful to practice for any surfer. Boat pose is a great way to strengthen the core and improve balance. 1. Begin in a seated position with feet planted firmly in front of you with knees bent. Place hands on knees. Find a fixed focal  [...]
Yoga for Surfers: Airplane/Warrior III
Warrior III Yoga Pose Instructions   Balance is the most vital aspect to address for surfing. The Airplane Yopga pose helps to improve balance and also helps to increase flexibility in shoulders and hips so you can move more fluidly on your board.   1. Begin in mountain pose. Imagine roots growing from your feet,  [...]
How to do sitting twist yoga pose
Sitting Twist Yoga Pose Instructions This sitting twist is a great pose for addressing tight hips and a sore back. 1. Begin in staff pose with legs outstretched in front of you. Then pick up the right foot and place it on the outside of your left thigh. For a deeper hip stretch, draw this  [...]
How to do Badha Konasana Yoga Pose
Badha Konasana Yoga Pose Instructions Another great pose for cyclists is badha konasana (bound angle pose). This pose helps to relieve tightness in the hips. 1. Begin in a seated position with the souls of your feet together. Let the knees fall comfortably out to the sides. Wrap hands around feet. Rather than using force,  [...]