Colin Vereen Joins Widespread Panic at the Tabernacle

Widesprad Panic Wood Tour Colin Vereen Photo

ATLANTA, GA – Colin Vereen longtime member of the Widespread Panic family and son to the late Garrie Vereen joined the boys on stage during a show at the Tabernacle Theater for an acoustic version of Trouble, on the second leg of the bands Wood Tour.

I can only imagine how special this was to everyone involved. As the band and fans have said for years “never miss a Sunday show.” Colin has been shooting incredible photos of Widespread Panic over the last few years, providing fans with a unique angle of the band from backstage to playing and everything in between.

Were you at the show? If so leave a comment below telling us your thoughts or feelings on seeing Colin on stage with the band…

Colin Vereen with Widespread Panic

Having known Garrie we can see his big smile looking down upon Collin Vereen, JB, Schools, Jojo, Sunny, Jimmy, Todd and the crew.

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5 Comments on "Colin Vereen Joins Widespread Panic at the Tabernacle"

  1. There were many highlights to Sunday’s show…but…seeing Colin on stage with “the boys” was a very special moment to a very special nite. It is one of those moments that I will always remember and be proud that I was there and saw it live. Thank you for including him in Sunday’s show. He made himself, the band, those that witnessed it and Garrie proud!!! I have followed Panic for over 23 and I put this right up there with one of yall’s finest moments.
    THANK YOU!!!

  2. I was on the rail all 3 nights and the entire run was fantastic, Colin on stage Sunday made it even more special!!! Nice job Colin!

    • Mark,

      Thanks for the show review!! And for taking the time to comment. Glad to see the boys and fans having a good time..


  3. Fantastic way to end one hell of a run… Gonna miss these guys while they’re gone. Well done, Colin!

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