6 Must See Summer Music Festivals of 2017
As summer draws near, it’s time to start thinking about music festivals around the country. There are plenty to consider, but we here at Mountain Weekly have put in the footwork for you, scrutinized the scene and determined, for you, which ones rank in the absolutely must attend category. These are listed in no particular  [...]
2016 Concerts You Won’t Want to Miss
Do you like to see live music? If so this year is going to be a banger for music fans across the country. Below are some of the concerts and festivals we highly recommend checking out in 2016. 2016 Concerts Starting things off Friday April 8 and Saturday April 9 in Las Vegas is the  [...]
Musicians for Solar Power
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – There is something to be said for making change through music, its as powerful as it gets. Luckily for us people like Bob Weir, Sammy Hagar, and Michael Franti are willing to take a stand on issues that matter. Killing whales for fuel seems crazy right, well it happened in old  [...]
4 Reasons to Attend Phish in Mexico
Phish just announced a 3 night run of concerts taking place in Mexico in Jan 2016. I wanted to let everyone know a few of the reasons WHY you should plan on attending Phish in Mexico.. #1 Surf – Even if the surf is small (this is Cancun after all) you can always try your  [...]
Dead & Company Fall/Winter Tour
Updated story with 2015 and 2016 Dead & Company Tour Dates. Haters gonna hate, that’s for sure but I am happy to announce that John Mayer (one of the most talented guitar players alive today) will be heading out on the road with members of the Grateful Dead for a Fall/Winter Tour under the umbrella  [...]
The Beatles LIVE at Shea Stadium
50 years ago what the world knew about rock-n-roll was shattered to pieces when the The Fab Four aka The Beatles played a sold out concert at Shea Stadium in New York to 55,000 screaming fans. Considering an estimated 75% in attendance were teenage girls it was almost impossible to hear the actual concert. The  [...]
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