• Great article, but it was missing my personal favourite, Gimme Shelter. After seeing 20 Ft from Stardom, which featured Merry Clayton, the amazing background voice on that song, it renewed my love of it. And intense song…


    • Mike Hardaker


      Nice catch, that’s sort of a big miss. Especially since I FREAKING LOVED THE Gimme Shelter documentary..

      Paging Darren 🙂 we may need to write part deuce 🙂

  • Tim Martin

    Nice article. It’s hard to believe they recorded Sticky Fingers in only three days in Muscle Shoals. I’m like, why didn’t they come back to Alabama more often?!

  • Darren Thornberry

    Haaaaha Mike. If there’s a video of the dance-off, please post it now!!

  • Mike Hardaker

    I just had a solid dance off with Mick to that Brown Sugar.. oh so funky. Way to kill Darren!!

  • Darren Thornberry

    That’s cool Jim! I would love to see them, too. Hey I just read that Bill Wyman’s releasing a solo album. Could be interesting!

  • JimC

    The Stones have such a large catalog of well know songs, it’s tough to pick only a few. I’d add “Happy”off of Exlie On Main Street to this list.

    I’ll be seeing The Stones twice ( so far ) on this tour. There’s nothing like a Stones stadium show !