• rebecca

    Agree across the board. U2 is timeless. Though I know all of their songs these are the go to songs. Well written

  • Darin Harp

    Great read…As someone who has not had U2 on my radar for while this was a great trip down memory lane to a time when these 4 guys from Ireland went from progressive punk band to a giant mega-band that dominated the charts around the world. Thank you Mr. Thornberry for rekindling the U2 fire that still burns deep inside me. Think I may have to listen to Live at Red Rocks this afternoon after your stimulating article.

    P.S. I think the article of U2 songs mist people haven’t heard would be a great follow up to this.

    • Mike Hardaker


      Agreed U2 has not been on my radar for some time, wasn’t really sure I would call myself a fan and then I posted this article. Wow, what a fun 45 minutes I got to spend listening to the hits. Love this part “your drawing people in here from Orange County and all over the f*cking place” made me smile, yeah like people from the OC coming to LA to see U2 play a free show was such a bad thing.

      -Mike Hardaker

  • Russell Thornberry

    I loved the U2 article by Darren Thornberry!

  • Melissa Thornberry

    Great article! “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is one of my favorites and I’m happy to see it made the list.

  • Tim Martin

    Nice piece. Can’t disagree with any of the choices for songs everybody knows. In fact, Thornberry nailed it. However, I’d like to see the author’s take on U2 songs that NOBODY knows, just to see if he is truly a U2 expert.

    • Mike Hardaker


      Thanks for the comment, I am sure Darren will be stoked too. Funny he actually wanted to write the article on songs Nobody would know first!! Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter, that article is in the works so to speak. Right Darren? 🙂