Decadence Denver Dance Party

Pretty Lights in Concert at the Decadence Festival in Denver, CO Photo: Soren McCarty | Mountain Weekly News

DENVER, CO – How did you ring in the New Year? Colorado had so many great musicians playing at various venues around the state; it was hard to choose which party to attend. After much deliberation we chose Decadence at the Colorado Convention Center, and it was one hell of a party.

Decadence Denver Photo Soren McCarty | Mountain Weekly News

Decadence Denver Photo Soren McCarty | Mountain Weekly News

Beats Antique stole the show on the first night with a blend of percussion, dancers and amazing visuals. The group is great at blending electronic music with old world rhythms. They have been working with Les Claypool of Primus on their most recent album and played a new track with Claypool on Vocals. It was as if Primus made a Cameo at an Electronic Dance Festival.

Tiesto also rocked the house the first night with his international style and traditional techno sound. If you have never seen his set, know that it doesn’t disappoint. Great beats and solid video work from a seasoned world-touring musician.

Bassnectar was the act all the party kids came to see and dance to — it’s amazing to see how big Bassnectar has grown in the last several years and it’s no surprise that he’s headlining festivals around the country. His fanbass (pardon the pun) knows how to have fun and his light show is insane.

Decadence Denver Photo Soren McCarty | Mountain Weekly News

Decadence Denver Photo Soren McCarty | Mountain Weekly News

The music was just as good or better on New Year’s Eve — for me it was all about Pretty Lights. The Colorado kid was just nominated for a Grammy for his album A Colorado Map of the Sun and his live shows are some of the best around. His live band has brought a whole new element to the electronic music scene. Pretty Lights can bring it on his own, but with the added musicians it was the real deal. As was expected, Pretty Lights brought the house down and rang in the New Year with style, funk, and swagger. Pierce Fulton and Datsik both played great sets as well, but to be honest, nobody could hold a candle to Pretty Lights and their energy. They are bringing EDM to a whole new level, setting the bar for others. We’ll see what other EDM music is produced in the next year that can compete with what Pretty Lights is doing.

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