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Grace Potter in Colorado Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

I have to admit, I have a new favorite vocalist. Grace Potter is more talented than she is beautiful… and she’s REALLY beautiful. Hailing from Burlington, VT, this telemarking, organ blasting, real deal musician is tearing across stages nationwide including a recent show in Vail, CO sharpening her chops alongside some of the most talented musicians on the planet. Grace Potter Interview met with the Mountain Weekly at the beautiful setting of the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL. In only its second year, the organizers put together the most incredible line-up that this music lover and jazz fest veteran has ever seen.

MWN: Welcome back to the South Ms. Potter. How are you enjoying the Hangout Music Fest?
GP: This is a great place to play. We played here last year as well and enjoyed it so much that we came back!

MWN: You play many instruments; a Hammond B3, a Fender Rhodes, a Wurlitzer electric piano and electric and acoustic guitars. Do you have a favorite?
GP: I really enjoy playing the B3. Its really fun to play and its the only one of its kind. My B3 is a tank!

MWN: I hear all types of influences in your music, Debby Harry, Ann & Nancy Wilson; I also hear a little reggae influence.
GP: We take the good parts of many types of music and implement those qualities into our own music. I have many influences, as do my band mates.

MWN: Someone described listening to your newest album, saying,”It runs like a 1973 Mustang convertible.” I have to agree.
GP: I love that quote! Its a classic sound that doesn’t sound dated.

MWN: How did you enjoy the Mile High Music Festival?
GP: I have been on the festival circuit for 8 or 9 years now and the Mile High Festival is the best run festival
I’ve ever been a part of.

Grace Potter Red Rocks Picture: Soren McCarty Mountain Weekly Colorado News

Grace Potter Red Rocks Picture: Soren McCarty Mountain Weekly Colorado News

MWN: When are you coming back to Colorado?
GP: Not soon enough! We are playing Red Rocks in early July. Even though I’m allergic to wildflowers, I love it there. Colorado is the shit.

MWN: Tricky driving in Colorado, don’t you think?
GP: Oh yes! We actually broke down near Buffalo Bill’s grave on I-70 for a few hours. Not fun.

MWN: Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Hangout Music Festival?
GP: Warren Haynes and My Morning Jacket are good friends so I’m always excited to see my friends. The rest of this year’s lineup is really amazing also.

MWN: Are you going to sit in with anyone today?
GP: Well, that’s a surprise. You’ll just have to see (Did I ever!!)

MWN: Thank you Grace, now go set that B3 on fire!

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