Rusted Root Interview With Liz Berlin

The Mountain Weekly News Team had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Liz Berlin of Rusted Root after the bands crowd roaring set during the 2010 Mile High Music Festival and take an Rusted Root Interview With Liz Berlin. We talked about everything from Rusted Root’s music being used by N.A.S.A. to the bands hometown in Pittsburgh and there Colorado roots. Rusted Root has been playing feel good, tap your feet get out and boogie music for the last 22 years and here’s why.

MWN: Hey Liz welcome back to Colorado, What do you think of the Festival so far?
We just got here it’s Awesome.

MWN: Have you started to work on new material since the Stereo Rodeo Album?
Michael (Glabicki) is always working on new material formulating whats going to be on the next album.

MWN: Rusted Root has always had a great rhythm section, can you tell me about your experience with African drums, does everyone in the band play drums?
Michael and I met in the youth activist organization of 100 students in PA, we started playing music together went off to college and began learning African drumming. That’s when Patrick and Jim joined and we formed the band. Preach Freedom our current drummer plays African and Caribbean rhythms, Colter Harper our guitar player has done allot of traveling in Africa, so we have an expansive musical taste and curiosity.

Speaking of Africa, have you heard or tried on a pair of hand made Oliberte boots?

MWN: I see you guys are heading to SNOW RIDGE ski area in NY, did Rusted Root used to play allot of gigs in Colorado ski towns?
LW: Our first actual tour out of our region was to Colorado, it was the first time we rented a tour bus with a driver. It was all very exciting, towns like Steamboat, Boulder and Denver We did 2 weeks thru Colorado. It was a big feet for us, a local band getting regionally strong, Boulder started to become a second local hub as we grew from PA.

MWN: Do you notice a difference in playing shows in the mountains?
LW: Very different of course, although it all sort of feels the same, beautiful people with the same energy mass..

MWN: Are there any musicians living or dead that you would like to jam with?
LW: Janis (Joplin), although I would be intimidated, totally like to sing harmonies with her.

MWN: What was it like touring with Dave Matthews?
LW: Well Dave, and we co-headlined the same tour. We would trade off headling in different cities for whoever had a bigger fan base and could bring more fans to the show. Towns like Ithaca, Morgan Town and Denver.

MWN: Are you guys planning on sticking around the festival tomorrow and seeing some music, maybe jamming with Dave Mathews?
LW: We cant stay, I’m teaching a band camp every summer that starts Monday. The Real Life Music Camp, if not for that we would totally be sticking around.

MWN: Is it true N.A.S.A. is using your music in space? Can you explain?
LW: How cool is that, that!! We were so psyched to here our music is being played interstellar. NASA engineers chose Send Me On My Way as “wake-up” music for the Mars Exploration Rover Sol 21.

MWN: Very cool Indeed!, Any more Colorado shows in the future?
LW: Were going back east, not sure next time when well be back in Colorado, usually well do a west coast run and hit Colorado.

MWN: Well thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, that’s so cool that your music is being played in space!!!

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