Vince Herman Interview

I sat down for a quick Q&A with Vince Herman of Great American Taxi and Leftover Salmon.

Mountain Weekly News: LSO just announced a 2-Day run of concerts for Thanksgiving weekend In Denver, Colorado. Will they hamburglar make an appearance for Thanksgiving, and if so who’s the allusive character behind the mask.

Vince Herman: The mayor mccheese has been kidnapped and his where a bouts are absolutely unknown. I hope he returns someday.

MW: What was it like having your son on stage with you at Red Rocks?

Vince:It’s an absolute thrill to make music with my kids. We have a family band called the Herman clan. Love seeing my kids pick, write and sing. Those things have provided me a very entertaining life and hope they have similar experiences as they pick their way thru life. You never know when sit ins happen though.

MW: You seem to look out toward the crowd a lot while playing, what the funniest thing you have seen during one of your shows.

Vince: As far as craziness in the crowd goes , of course crowd sex is always fun, a stage dive where the diver just falls to the ground is worth a chuckle but my favorite is when a lyric causes a tripper to have a huge revelation that rocks their world.

MW: Living in Colorado what is your favorite ski resort and why?

Vince: Eldora is my home town area I love it on days when nobody is there and you have the place to yourself.

Heading to the Denver shows bring some canned goods, Conscious Alliance will hold a food drive at both concerts. Fans will receive a commemorative poster if they bring 10 cans of food or more to the show.

Waiting for product details ...

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