Rubbermaid Snowboards

Rubbermaid Snowboards
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K2 & Ride Snowboards Sold to Rubbermaid. Which brings us to who we plan to work within the future. (hint, snowboarders). A little background on me, and why you should or SHOULD NOT listen :). A hard-hitting look at land ownership in mountain towns. Rubbermaid has entered into the snowboard world, do you care? The surf and snowboard world has some interesting news around Kelly Slater, hint it involves Burton too. D-Day is making $400 boards, Never Summer sold 40,000 units last year. Shaun White is throwing a rock concert in LA, with snowboarding too. SIA music guide and a brief introduction to psychedelic research.

Waiting for product details ...

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  1. Enjoying the podcasts Mike…….keep it up

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