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Will Ritter
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Spark R&D Founder Will Ritter Interview. This week I am in Denver, CO at the annual SIA (Snowsports Industry America) trade show, once again well talk avi deaths. And lots of rad snowboard stoke from the show floor. For the first time ever we have interviews! Sit back and enjoy this is a fun one. The audio gets a little funky midway through and then returns.

Interview 1 – Will Ritter, Spark R&D
Interview 2 – Tyler Kloster, Karakoram
Interview 3 – Gags, Never Summer
Interview 4 – Paul, Mervin

Article I mentioned on housing – http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/25/us/precipitous-rents-in-ski-country-push-workers-to-edges.html

Waiting for product details ...

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