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3 Comments on "Arbor Bryan Iguchi Camber Snowboard Review"


So what if we typically ride at JHMR? or other resorts. I am currently riding a K2 Turbo Dream but find it to be a little “Surfy” and washes out too easily. I used to ride a Forum Destoryer for years “Traditional Camber” and I am thinking that the Rocker/Flat/Rocker shape is not for me. Turn initiation is nice, but washes out very easily. Any thoughts with this? I want to get a new Cambered friendly board, but I don’t typically ride a lot of backcountry. Mostly inbounds groomers and powder when it’s available.

Mike Hardaker


Thanks for the comment, the Turbo Dream is fun to ride but can be a little washy like you mentioned especially if its firm or like traversing out of Four Pines.. You might actually really dig the Camber System found on the Guch board. Toss in the grip tech and this board can hold an edge when you want it to. Since you rocked camber for a while you should dig this feel. Just remember them edges can catch from time to time. Let me know what you end up getting.


SUCH a nice board!