2020 Snowboard Goggle Previews

2020 Snowboard Goggles

It seems as though Outdoor Retailer + Snow show fell perfectly between massive storms moving through the Western United States. Which was perfect for the yearly gathering to congregate and share what is new for 2020 season!

Here is a preview of some of the 2020 snowboard goggles you’ll want to be hitting the slopes with.

2020 Airblaster Goggles

Airblaster Goggles Ski

Airblaster Goggles Snowboard

Airblaster Ski Goggles

One of my favorites, a simple yet effective design. Vented lenses, good peripheral vision, and indestructibility.  Plus they always seem to have rad designs.

2020 Dragon Goggles

Dragon Goggle

Dragon PXV Model

Dragon Snowboard Goggles

Top row – Dragon PXV Bryan Iguchi Signature Goggle – dark smoke on left/ PXV Murky Waters – dark smoke on right

Middle row – Dragon PXV Split Goggle- Blue Ion left/ PXV Bayside- Green Ion right

Bottom row – Dragon PXV PK White Goggle – Red Ion left / PXV Succulents – Dark Smoke right

With Lumalens they are adding in some new colorways as well as keeping their line of frameless goggles looking nice and sleek!

2020 Giro Goggles

POW Giro Goggle

Giro Snowboard Goggle

Giro Snow Goggles

Giro Goggle

Giro is staying strong for 2020. They are releasing a great POW x Giro collab. As well they are releasing their new frame the method, which I think is a more sleek, bigger framed version of the semi. They are also dropping their adapt strap, which allows you to buy different colors and styles of straps for your google to customize your goggles down to the last detail.

2020 Oakley Goggles

Oakley Ski Goggle

This booth was cranking the whole show. I was able to get a quick hands-on their new goggle tech. Similar to Spy, they have a lens that with the click of a button changes from low to highlight. The incredible thing about Oakleys is the fact there is no battery pack on the strap. It looks just like a normal Oakley goggle. I think that is going to be a huge hit, has the tech, with a little less of the bulkiness the battery pack puts on.

2020 POC Goggles

Poc Goggle

I got a few minutes to check out POC’S lens comparison stand, between their clarity and clarity comp lens.  A simple yet classic look as POC is known for. Unfortunately was not too happy to explain the tech when they realized I did not have an appointment.

2020 Red Bull Goggles

Red Bull Eyewear

Red Bull Goggles

Red Bull Snowboard Goggles

Red Bull Snowboard Goggle

These goggles are pretty interesting. So not only do they incorporate the magnetic lens similar to Anon, but it also includes plastic vents on the top to eliminate the icing up of foam and the one thing I thought set them apart is the 3 sided removable and interchangeable nose pieces. With the goggle, you get a small, medium and large nose inserts to adjust to your face specifically!

2020 Scott Goggles

Scott Snowboard Goggle

Scott Ski Goggle

Scott is bringing the Amplifier lens tech to the market. Similar to the Prizm, or Chromapop, Scott seems to be joining suit with the tech!

2020 Smith Goggles

Smith Goggles

Smith Ski Goggle

Smith Snowboard Goggle

4d mag. Incredibly sleek, and also bringing a new level of definition and magnetic lens into the game is Smith. With Chromapop in the lens’ and the even quicker ability to change lenses, it is one to keep an eye out for! I also did see they are releasing and IO MAG XL. A bit bigger fit then this season release of the IO MAG.

2020 Spy Goggles

Spy Snowboard Goggle

Spy Goggle

Spy Ski Goggle

Celebrating their 25th year in the eyewear industry they are releasing a black and gold colorway in every style of their goggles! They are also releasing a lens that with the click of a button, changes from high light to low light. Battery life is about 6 hours on these bad larry’s

2020 Sweet Protection Goggles

Sweet Goggles

Sweet taking the step into the google game. This booth was busy as heck the entire show as well. I tried to get my hands on a pair but was shut down when I didn’t have an appointment. No one cared to give me the rundown on the tech so I guess some things are best left for last? Word on the street is Terje was rocking a pair at the 33 Legendary Banked slalom??? Editor’s Note: What happened here Sweet, not allowing media into your booth…

2020 Zeal Goggles

Zeal Ski Goggle

Zeal Goggles

Zeal Snowboard Goggle

Zeal Optics

Zeal is bringing in a good amount of photochromic and polarized lenses into the range as well as easy to change clips on the lenses and a nice mix of framed and frameless designs. A classic functional goggle!

This is the first time I have been to the Outdoor retailer Snowsport show since they joined a year or two back. As welcoming as most the brands were, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth with several companies that wouldn’t give me 30 seconds of their time.  Bummed on that.

Paging the industry, please allow our team of writers and photographers into your booths in 2020… Taking the time to show your line helps everyone from consumers to brands and us media folks too…

Wondering what goggles we liked for 2019.  Take a peek at our picks for the best snowboard goggles of the year.

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2020 Snowboard Goggle

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