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Looking for a great way to upgrade your shower for under $60. Checkout the Delta Faucet 54424 Shower Head, for a unique showering experience.

Now you might be wondering why we’re reviewing a shower head? Simple enough I tend to beat up by body on a daily basis running, biking and hunting in the Fall. Since I am cheap and can’t really afford to get massages locally here in Jackson, WY I started researching shower heads that offered lots of power combined with massage settings.

Once I found (and bought) the Delta Faucet 54424 Shower Head I knew I would never go back to a regular style or even (low flow) shower heads. I’m all for conserving energy, however we get our water from a well so upgrading from 1.5 GPM to 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) shower head wouldn’t really effect my non existent water bill.

Why You Should Buy a Delta Faucet

In researching different shower heads I was surprised to find out that the best doesn’t always cost the most. Weird. That being said you do get what you pay for, and at first I was leery on dropping almost $60 on a shower head. However after unpacking the Delta Faucet I knew I would be a fan for life, and that was before I ever turned the shower on.

If you have a pet, the 60″ shower hose makes washing your dog a breeze, and with all the different settings, all 9 of them you can give your dog and yourself the perfect level of pressure.

Delta Shower Head Hand HoldYou can easily compare this to the fancy shower heads seen in luxury hotels. Personally I use this on the strongest massage setting and really haven’t had a need to fiddle around with the other levels. That being said if a guest stays over they will be able to easily dial the shower in to their comfort level.

The only thing some of you might not like on this shower is the attached hose, it looks different and takes a second to get used to. However the benefits outweigh the look. Keep in mind it does come with a standard style attachment so hand holding is optional.

I stand behind this product so much that I even recommended it to the hotel I work at, a simple upgrade will forever change your showering experience.

Be for warned though, you may find yourself taking longer showers as it can be hard to pull away from such a great massage.

Last but not least you don’t need to be an experience plumber to hook this up, simply unscrew your old shower head ( you may need a wrench) wrap some of the included plumbing tape around the arm (not yours) that the shower head just came off, twist the shower head on and you are good to go!

Waiting for product details ...

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