adidas Evil Eye Pro Sunglasses Review

adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro Mountain Bike Sunglasses Review

I have spent the past few months mountain biking while wearing the adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro Mountain Bike Sunglasses and before I start this review I want to mention these glasses come with me on every ride these days.

adidas Evil Eye Pro Review

So what makes these sunglasses unique? First of all the way you see the outdoors while wearing the Evil Eye Pro’s will be very similar to the way your eyes work. adidas utilizes 2 key technologies in these sunglasses, the LST and VARIOTuned lenses. I will let adidas explain how these work below:

Light Stabilizing Technology (LST) works like a color equalizer, enhancing the perception of pure primary colors.

adidas Evil Eye Evo with LST

The new photochromic vario lenses have the ability to automatically change FROM A CRYSTAL CLEAR TO DARK TINT, featuring a transmission range from 14 to 89%.

So basically these are some of the best sunglasses and lenses you will ever have the pleasure of looking through. With the ability for the adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro sunglasses to adjust the light as needed you can always see the trail in front of you, including features and definitions that would not be apparent without the use of the LST with VARiO.

adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro lens tint

Evil Eye Pro Features

Aside from the amazing optics, one of the best features on these sunglasses is the detachable foam bar, aka a sweat blocker. Ever get sweat running down your eyes on the trail? It sucks when it happens, however, adidas figured out that was a problem and added a removable foam piece at the top of the Evil Eye sunglasses.

A pair of vents is located on the bottom of the sunglasses that allow just enough air to flow through that you won’t ever have to worry about these fogging up.

The sunglasses stay put with soft flexible rubber on the end pieces that wrap around your head and similar material is used for holding the sunglasses against your nose.

Worry about scathing these up? adidas offers a hard shell clam case for storing your sunglasses with padding on the inside.

adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro Mountain Case

Overall Impression

adidas is making a whole heck of a lot of gear these days including amazing sunglasses. If you spend time in the dirt, like to see every feature on the trail and enjoy the rich lively colors the mountains have to offer, then be sure to pick up a pair of the adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro Mountain Bike Sunglasses ($148)

PS. These sunglasses also work with prescription lenses.

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