Airblaster Ninja Suit Review

Airblaster Ninja Pizza Suit

We all love snowboarding and we all love being warm. Long underwear is great, but how can it get much better? The Airblaster Ninja Suit is perhaps “the best long underwear on the planet,” and one can’t deny its allure.

Airblaster Ninja Suit Long Underwear

The Airblaster Ninja Suit’s rep is cooler than the neighborhood kid’s electric scooter. The first time I wore my Ninja Suit, I was a believer. I wear mine every day on the mountain, and I’ve rarely had to wash it. It’s like a magic fairy blesses the ninja suit fabric every night. Not really, but you can go for days without a rinse. I wash mine once a month or so, and it smells like roses. Well… maybe not roses, but it smells fresh. I highly recommend washing it on the occasion, but it’s not an everyday event. This long underwear is not only warm and toasty but having pizza all over your body is quite the conversation piece. Most people are shocked when you drop your trousers and start walking around in your Ninja Suit. It’s great for parties on the mountain and walking around the apartment after hours.

The Airblaster Ninja Suit is composed of: a 4-way stretch wicking Air Tech Fabric, a 7-panel form-fitting hood, thumb loops at sleeve cuff, full-length front chest zip, a trademark 350-degree waist zip-easy #2 bathroom access, and a Front fly- easy #1 bathroom access. This suit is made for the mountain and every day wear in freezing temperatures. It’s fully built to keep you warm, stylish, and packs loads of features to make you never want to leave home without one. The only problem with the Ninja Suit is that it’s sometimes too warm to wear it indoors.

So, being out and about while wearing your Ninja Suit is great, but it can get a little too warm in certain situations. Having one-piece long underwear is nice, but being stuck in a hot room without a change of clothes is a different story, especially if you’re not sleeping in your own space.

Overall Impression

It’s hard to disagree with Airblaster about their Ninja Suit being, The best long underwear on the planet. It’s truly a fantastic piece of 1st layer soft wear to maximize your 1st rate outerwear. I can safely say that the Airblaster Ninja Suit ($199.95) has changed my snowboarding experience for the better, for snowboarding and life in the cold, in general, you really can’t go wrong.

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  1. After extensive testing, I found that the Pilot Suit has the slight edge in convenience; the u-zipper stays out of the way a lot easier than the Ninja Suit s butt flap, the positioning of which keeps you on guard with the slight yet terrifying chance of crapping into your pants.

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