Arnette Skylight Goggle Review

Arnette Skylight Goggle

As the season’s change and winter hunkers down with us for a while, it is time to gear up for some adventure!

I have put these goggles through the ringer and can honestly say they are the nicest goggles I’ve ever worn.  Sure it is fun testing goggles on a blue sky day but I didn’t do that with these.  Find out how the Arnette Skylight goggle held up in various conditions here in the Tetons :

Arnette Skylight Review

I took the Arnette Skylights Goggles into some blustery conditions.  We skied Two Ocean Mountain in Togwotee pass.  The weather was cold, dark, and if it weren’t for the good of early season powder skiing I probably would have bailed and waited for a nicer day.  But, I had to see how the goggles could stand up to the hardest conditions so we went for it!

I wear eyeglasses, and the goggles fit perfectly over them.  A true attribute of the Skylights greatness is there 100% no fog!  The lenses didn’t fog, nor did my eyeglasses! Without goggles the lighting was flat.  The Skylight anti-fog, anti-scratch, impact resistant 24k Iridium lenses created the perfect blend of snow texture and contrast.  I felt extremely confident where I was skiing because I could easily decipher between what was a pillowy snowdrift and what was a rock. The lenses make a huge difference and Arnette offers the Skylight with a variety of shades and styles to choose from.

The Arnette Skylight Goggle ($39) offers excellent vision quality!  The mere size of the goggle may turn you away but once you take them to the slopes and discover the anti blind spot technology, you’ll think twice about looking like a dragonfly.  The low profile convex shape increases peripheral vision and the semi-flush lens geometry opens visibility in every direction. The shape actually mimics the anatomical curvature of the eyes!

All in all, I feel like Arnette nailed it with the Skylight Goggle.  The window of vision is so large that I actually feel safer when I’m skiing because I can see better!

The triple layer face foam with moisture wicking polar fleece kept my face warm and comfortable.   As for fit, the low profile frame makes the goggles compatible with most helmets.  I am still amazed by the lack of fog.  I didn’t think it was possible but there was none!

I loved these goggles but if I had to make one suggestion to Arnette I’d ask them to polarize the lenses.

Arnette Goggle
5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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  1. great review. I want these googles.

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