Arnette Witch Doctor Sunglasses Review

Arnette Witch Doctor Sunglasses

Arnette Witch Doctor sunglasses featuring A.C.E.S technology allow you to really mix up your style and mood thanks to interchangeable arms known as the Arnette Creative Exchange System. Two arm color options come with each model, there simple to swap out with a special Arnette A.C.E.S key. Essentially the Witch Doctors act like two shades in one, or four shades in your really creative.

Arnette Witch Doctor Blue Gloss Product Testing Photo Laura Patten | Mountain Weekly News

Arnette Witch Doctor Blue Gloss Product Testing Photo Laura Patten | Mountain Weekly News

I’ve been using the Arnette Witch Doctor sunglasses on a daily basis for the past couple weeks during the peak of summer in Jackson, WY. When you live in the mountains the suns UV rays are powerful especially when your standing 6,500 feet above sea level.

Normally I like to have a pair of shades to wear around town and another for hiking in the backcountry, with the Arnette Witch Doctor’s I find it hard to take the sunglasses off my face. They look cool, work great and really add some style while on the trail or running errands in town.

I got the Witch Doctors with a clear frame and blue mirrored lens and found cleaning them a breeze, the first tip is to not rub them against your t-shirt. Instead, take the sunglasses and run them under warm water while lightly rubbing a bit of dish soap on the lens, shake them dry and then use the Arnette sunglasses cloth to gently wipe any remaining water off. If you sweat like I do while hiking you can easily muck up your shades, however with the tips mentioned above your glasses will be back to new within minutes.

New sunglasses are better than a fresh haircut, it’s incredible how much confidence you can add with a pair of Arnette’s. The Arnett Witch Doctors ($99) come in 7 styles so the potential to mix and match is endless. Buy a couple of sets or better yet trade the arms with your friends to have the most unique pair of shades around.

Arnette Witch Doctor Sunglasses

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