Ashbury Warlock Goggle Review

Brittany Artwohl rocking her Ashbury Warlock Goggles Photo | Mountain Weekly News

Snowboard goggles are a critical piece of gear when it comes to hitting the mountain. You have to be able to see when you’re riding and the better you can see… well the better!


I took the Ashbury Warlock out for a few test runs under the Arizona sun. I can tell you that I was stoked to see sunny skies. I’m a desert rat, what can I say? But it was also great conditions to test the anti-fog lenses and full-perimeter venting on the Ashbury Warlock frames. It can get pretty warm under base layers, a beanie, jacket and gloves as you get further into your session. But the Ashbury Warlocks worked their magic as I worked up a sweat.


Ashbury Warlock snowboard goggles offer a comfortable snug fit over a beanie and facemask. The best part about these goggles was that I never had a problem pulling them over my face in a hurry. Chalk that up to the super soft read face foam lining and perfect fit of the strap.

I did NOT use them with a helmet but I can tell you that the cut of the goggles looks like it would work well, and the strap is virtually seamless. No buckles or anything to get stuck – just an adjustable elastic band.

Brittany Artwohl rocking her Ashbury Warlock Goggles Photo | Mountain Weekly News

Brittany Artwohl rocking her Ashbury Warlock Goggles Photo | Mountain Weekly News


I gotta say, since they fit so well I didn’t have much trouble with the Ashbury snowboard goggles. They were always comfortable which means I didn’t have to take them off my head, so I didn’t drop them. However, if you end up having to toss yours around there is a 1 year warranty. Mine made it home without a scratch… somehow.


Honestly, I hate to say this (because fit and functionality are the most important things about gear – especially goggles) but I loved the Ashbury Warlock for its style! With mirrored lenses that protected my eyes and a super comfortable fit where it counts (around my nose), plus the easy-to-use head strap with a sick little logo I wasn’t worried about their function. I was obsessed with their style.
Ashbury eyewear broke onto the scene straight from the West Coast. Out of Los Angeles California, today their classic styles can be seen on skateboarders, snowboarders and those who simply embrace the Ashbury culture. Tested by team riders, you’ll know that if you pick up a pair of Ashbury Warlock’s you’ll have a durable, reliable pair of snow goggles.

Features of the Ashbury Warlock Include:

• 100% UVA/UVB protection
• Full perimeter frame venting
• Hypoallergenic ultra-soft face foam
• Anti-Scratch/double vented lens
• Snap Fit™ lens technology for easy lens changing
• Double anti-fog, anti-scratch protection
• FREE bonus yellow lens

The Bottom Line

Super stylish, ultra-comfortable, anti-fog (for real) and great range of vision. These are definitely the frames to grab it you’re ready to rock some classic So-Cal style, or just know a good goggle when you see one.

Ashbury Warlock Goggle
4 / 5 RATING      

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