Sit Upright via Backjoy Computer Chair Posture Seat Review

Backjoy Posture+

A groundbreaking company in posture improvement and back wellness Backjoy – has recently launched Backjoy Posture+ to keep all sorts of back ailments at bay.

Albeit multitudes of technological advancements have led to an improved lifestyle, they have also led more and more people being restricted sitting on a chair for prolonged periods of time while working since almost every task, job, and/or responsibility under the sun can be controlled and/or completed through the computer today.

This has further led to an unanticipated increase in the number of people being afflicted with back related problems.

Backjoy Posture+ is a portable, easy-to-use, and lightweight sitting device which can be used on multiple surfaces such as office chairs, car seats or sofas, to keep the spine in the most natural position.

A cutting-edge product, Posture+ is the result of Backjoy’s relentless focus to integrate the latest mechanisms into their products to offer the best for its customers.

With a patented design that incorporates the APS Technology and a series of Advanced Core Materials, Posture+ is contrived to enable users to sit in an optimized posture, anytime and anywhere.

How does Backjoy Posture+ work?

Undue pressure and strain on the back elevates the risk of injuries or painful back conditions by manifolds or by a significant degree. When you use Backjoy Posture+, the body stays in perfect alignment.

Since the pelvis is free floating, it becomes immobile when one sits on a chair for a long time. When the pelvis doesn’t move, it creates a “c” shaped posture in the spine and the body strains to keep the back in an erect position.

Continuous strain exerted by the body is what leads to back pain and related afflictions. But when Backjoy Posture+ is used while sitting, it ameliorates these conditions in the following ways:

1. Backjoy Posture+ tilts the pelvis to correct the posture:

Backjoy Posture+ gently tilts the pelvis forward to align the spine correctly.

This allows the body weight to be placed on weight bearing bones, mitigating pain and strain from the spine’s muscles and ligaments.

2. Backjoy Posture+ cradles the muscles to avert tightening:

Even while sitting in the correct posture, the hip muscles flatten under your body weight and lead to back pain.

However, the advanced technology used in Backjoy Posture+ cradles the buttock muscles and prevents them from flattening. As a result, there is no tightening of the back muscles and no subsequent pain.

3. Backjoy Posture+ lifts the pelvis to alleviate pressure:

Just like a pain relieving shock absorber, Backjoy Posture+ lifts the pelvis off the sitting surface, allowing it to rest in the muscle tissues of the hips.

Further, Backjoy Posture+ allows the multiple components of the pelvis to work as one unit, minimizing the wear and tear on the joints. The result is pain-free back muscles while sitting and certainly that wonderful pain-free feeling that you now feel when standing up and when walking away.

In addition to the integration of the Applied Postural Science (APS) technology, Backjoy Posture+ also features the Advanced Core Material, which is very sturdy, waterproof, impact-absorbent while remaining in shape, regardless of the type of surface you sit on.

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