Baffin Hurricane Boots Review

Baffin Hurriance Snowmobile Boot Photo Steve Cole | Mountain Weekly News

I took the Baffin Hurricane Snow Boots out for a test run in Spring conditions up on Teton Pass. In short, these boots were a noticeable improvement over the other big names brands I have used in the past. Find out more about these Baffin boots in my review below :

Baffin Hurricane Snow Boots Review

Out of the box, the Baffin Hurricane boots scream “Boss!”…the liner system and ruggedness of the boot itself make it hard to imagine ever having cold feet again, even in the -20 days up here in the Tetons. These boots feel comfortable when you put them on and maintain that comfort throughout the day, whether you’re aggressively riding or just out for a Spring snow cruise. The toe box is built tough but so is the entire boot! These are my new boots for the 2016 riding season!

The Baffin Hurricanes fit true to size and feel much more like a mountaineering boot than a snowmobile boot, which immediately improved the response you expect from a typical snowmobile boot. These are the first snowmobile boots I’ve actually felt super comfortable in as most are too big for my size 10.5 feet!

Baffin's Aggresive Sole in the Hurriance Snowmobile Boot Photo Steve Cole | Mountain Weekly News

Baffin’s Aggressive Sole in the Hurricane Snowmobile Boot Photo Steve Cole

The aggressive sole of the Baffin Hurricanes gives a rider more confidence that their boots will stick to the running boards quickly when needed. It was a soupy snow day with mud/water being as prevalent as the snow…these boots shed away water when standing in puddles 6” deep.

Pros: Water Proof, Warm, Comfortable, and the crank down strap help keep your heel in place at all times.
Cons: None about this boot, only wish I could have tested them in some deep pow!

Baffin Hurricane Snowmobile Boot Buckle Photo Steve Cole | Mountain Weekly News

Overall Impression

After a full day of (warm) riding, these boots weren’t muggy inside and hadn’t let a drop of water penetrate the shell. One thing I really like about the Baffin Hurrican Boots ($234.95) is its overall size…these accommodate shinguards very well and I have had other brands’ boots come too high on my shin to comfortably fit shinguards. Most riders know you can’t leave home without at least shinguards!

Baffin Hurricane Boots

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