Basin and Range Wasatch Down Jacket Review

Basin and Range Wasatch Down Jacket

I was super stoked to be able to get my hands on the new Basin and Range Down outerwear collection which is available exclusively at Backcountry. What makes the Basin and Range clothing collection unique is the gearheads and team at Backcountry helped to design outerwear built to go anywhere the mountains will take you. First up is a review of the Basin and Range Wasatch 800 Down Jacket.

Basin and Range Apparel Reviews

My first impression with the Basin and Range Down Wastach Jacket was “geez this thing is huge”. When I put the basin and range jacket on for the first time I noticed there was a bit of extra bulk, I went from looking like I weighed 145 pounds to 180+. However, keep reading as once you get past looking like the Michelin Man the function of the jacket and features far outweigh the look.

This sign may be familair to backcountry skiers and riders..

This sign may be familiar to backcountry skiers and riders..Mike Hardaker heading for a walk on the Teton Pass

Wasatch Down

The first test of the Basin and Range Wasatch jacket took place on Teton Pass as winter started to rear its head, thanks to El Niño, it was wet and cold with winds wiping around 25mph and temps hovering in the low 30’s. The funny part is I was completely oblivious to the pending storm that was circling around me thanks in sole part to the Basin and Range Wastach Down. There was snow, there was wind but again I hardly noticed a thing. This jacket blocks wind, snow, rain, and cold like no other!

The outside of the jacket features two deep pockets that work great for your warming hands and smaller inner pockets that can easily hold your keys. On the inside, there are two more internal pockets for storing a phone, wallet, etc. You could probably even fit a small coffee mug in there without anyone noticing.

Basin and Range Down

Pros: The Wasatch Down’s pocket zippers are easily accessible, even while wearing snowboard mittens thanks to extended zipper cord. You won’t have to take off your gloves to get into the pockets of the Wasatch Down which is a huge plus, especially when temps drop below freezing.

Cons: The Wasatch down comes with a “fixed hood” which is essentially a one size fits all sizing. So depending on what you plan to use this jacket for it may be too big or too small as there is no way to adjust the hood for the perfect fit. That being said it stayed in place while hiking in 30+ MPH winds atop the Pass, even with a baseball cap on.

At $229.95 it will be hard to find another down jacket on the market that is as cozy, comfortable and warm as the Basin and Range Wasatch Down. The Basin and Range Down ($229.95) is the sort of just may find yourself still wearing even when you’re indoors.

Overall Impression

If you tend to run cold or are just looking for the perfect jacket for around the town missions for any mountain man, be sure to check out the exclusive Basin and Range collection.


Basin and Range Wasatch Down Jacket

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