Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit Review

BCA Snow Study Kit

Elevate your game in the backcountry with the BCA Snow Study Kit by taking into account what the current snow conditions are doing. Have you ever wondered just how steep the slope you were trying to boot pack up was, or if the snow temperature was above freezing? Now with the BCA Snow Study Kit, you can have access to some of the best tools to help make smart decision in the backcountry.

BCA Snow Study Kit Review

The Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit weighs 11 ounces and will easily fit into any nook or cranny in your backcountry pack; it can even be stored inside your jacket. The kit comes with four tools packaged inside a stylish fabric case that includes a digital thermometer, slope reader, magnifying loop and an aluminum crystal card.

Backcountry Access was founded in 1994 in Boulder, Colorado and has recently become the largest manufacture of snow safety products in North America. BCA gear works, especially in the field.

Anyone that spends time in the backcountry should invest in one of these. While testing the kit before I was about to drop in on a slope, snow temperatures were above freezing. Knowing how much water and weight was in the snowpack, I decided to back off. I made the decision with some help from the BCA Snow Study Kit.

Just like all avalanche tools, you will want to practice it in the field as much as possible. It literally takes less than a minute to get a current snow temperature reading, figure out the degree of a proposed slope and even look for facets within the snow crystals.

The BCA Snow Study Kit ($99.95) is ideal for anyone that has taken their Avalanche I or Avalanche II safety courses. This will give you a much better understanding of what the snow is doing and why. This kit combined with an Aiare filed book is the perfect gift for any backcountry snow enthusiast.


Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit
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