Best Bike Locks for College Students

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Your bike is an investment, and it pays to protect it. Sure, you could use a flimsy cable lock that a smart thief could pick with a ballpoint pen, but if you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your rig, you need a better system. Here are five of the best bike locks that will keep bike thieves at bay.

Top Bike Locks


Kryptonite New York Legend Chain – ($234)

Known for the quality of their locks, Kryptonite wasn’t messing around when they made the New York Legend. This monster of a chain lock is made of 15mm hardened steel and uses a double-deadbolt system, making it one of the few locks that get a 10 out of 10 security rating from Kryptonite. This thing is the real deal. And the 90cm chain means you’ll be able to lock it to whatever you can find. [Purchase: $234]


OnGuard Pitbull DT with Cable – ($65)

The Pitbull is a great U-lock from OnGuard, a company with a history of making great locks. Because the Pitbull DT isn’t the beefiest lockout there, it’s easier to carry than some of the ultra-secure U-locks that are available, and the included cable makes it easy to lock your frame and both wheels to whatever post you can find. OnGuard’s locking mechanism also secures the crossbar to the shackle in four places, making it very resistant to twisting and prying. [Purchase: $65]


TiGr Titanium Lock -($175)

Bike locks are rarely exciting, but the TiGr brings something new to a field that hasn’t changed in years. Titanium is lighter and stronger than the steel used in other locks, making it better both for protecting your bike and for transporting the lock. Called a “bow lock,” the TiGr reaches from your back wheel to your front one and locks both in place. And instead of using a traditional key or a cylinder key, the TiGr uses something totally new that thieves won’t be ready to pick.

The only drawback is that the unique shape might not be as versatile as other locks if you need to lock your bike to a variety of different objects on a regular basis. [Purchase: $175]


Kryptonite Messenger Mini+ U-Lock – ($69)

Where the TiGr and New York Legend are huge beasts of locks, the Messenger Mini+ is meant for people on the go. It’s a small U-lock that will fit in a backpack or messenger bag, but the 11mm hardened steel still provides enough protection against all but the most determined (and well-equipped) bike thieves. This lock also has a two-part design, making it easy to get both your frame and a wheel locked, making it more difficult for would-be thieves to quickly undo your quick release skewer and make off with a wheel. [Purchase: $69]

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