Top 11 Cell Phone Boosters for Trucks, Cars and Home

Top Cell Phone Boosters for Home and Car

My phone drops for about 10 minutes right in the middle of my Teton Pass commute, damn inconvenient given how productive you can be if you can make and sustain calls unabated during a 40-minute drive. Cell-phone boosters are the solution. From airy mountain passes to dirt forest roads to your house that just happens to be in a random dead spot, you can now get that extra boost to keep your maps, calls and texts going. Here’s our list of top 10 cellphone boosters.

Best Cell Phone Booster for Trucks

Weboost Cell Phone Booster for Truck

weBoost Drive Reach – ($499.99)

The weBoost drive reach is one of the most powerful car models on this list. 5G ready, with enough power to reach the farthest cell towers in the most remote of places, working with all carriers and all types of cell. Plus it has a magnetic antenna for quick setup and even charges your phone while you’re using it.

[Purchase: $499.99]

Fusion2Go Max Cellphone Booster

Surecall Fusion2Go Max – ($499.99)

The Surecall Fusion2Go Max utilizes 2XP tech to increase your upload transmission power two-fold. That means your calls and your data can utilize their extended range technology will amplify your phone’s ability to increase 4G LTE so you’ll get blazing fast data and calls even in the most remote spots. It just needs a little more setup time and attention.

[Purchase: $499.99]

Car Visor Cell Phone Booster

Hot Wireless Extreme – ($99.99)

The Hot Wireless Extreme Signal Booster Car Visor is the easiest, least obtrusive booster here. It’s also about the least expensive. Installation is simple – replace your car visor with the Extreme Signal Booster Car Visor. Then boom, amplified signal. It’s not as powerful as the others but it’s not as noticeable, not as tough to install, and considerably lighter on the wallet.

[Purchase: $99.99]

Rugged Cell Phone Booster

Cel-Fi Go – ($599.99)

The Cel-Fi Go is great for in the car, for the office, or out at the campsite. The Cel-Fi Go is made to handle dirt, rain and everything else the outdoors can throw at it. According to Cel-Fi it’s got up to 100 dB of gain making it over 1000 times stronger than any competitor. Their Intelliboost signal processing even uses AI to get stronger receptivity as you’re running down the road.

[Purchase: $599.99]

Best Cell Phone Boosters for Home

Best Home Cell Phone Booster under $1500

Wilson Pro 70 Plus Cell Phone Booster – ($1,099.99)

This is our first home model, made for a building up to 25,000 sq ft in size. The real deal for a home, a garage, hell even a warehouse in the middle of nowhere (or just on one of the suburban cellular doldrum spots). The only thing to note, this is real deal and will need professional installation, whether home or commercial.

[Purchase: $1,099.99]

SureCall Home Cell Phone Booster

SureCall Fusion4 – ($489.99)

The SureCall Fusion is a dedicated home booster by the team who made the Fusion 2Go Max, both of which are arguably the strongest boosters in their categories. Superfast 4G LTE with the highest downlink gain out there. Like the 2GO Max, it’s 5G Phone Compatible. This home model boosts for up to a 5000 sq ft living space. One note, though, you definitely want to get a pro installation going for this booster.

[Purchase: $489.99]

Cell Phone Booster for the House

Hi Boost 15k Home – ($799.99)

The 15K smart link is that hard core home booster with all the bells and whistles. It can handle a house up to 15,000 sq ft, with a HiBoost App that allows you to dial in the max power over the actual smart phone that you’re boosting. This is carrier-grade design so it’s the highest quality out there, able to handle any and everything and the LCD screen allows you to really geek out on the numbers. Just remember – it’s specified for 3G and 4G LTE.

[Purchase: $799.99]

Verizon Cell Phone Boosters

Verizon Booster – ($136.99)

This Verizon-only 4G LTE Verizon Booster  home kit is made to amp your reception anywhere in your home, basement to garage. The kit has a home booster that kicks up your phone’s signal and then it connects to the powerful antenna that reaches out to get voice and 4G LTE data signal. The booster is relatively small and all told the kit, while it looks complex, is easy to set up. Unfortunately it’s limited to just Verizon but given most people share one carrier in an average household, you’re probable fine.

[Purchase: $136.99]

Cell Phone Booster for AT&T

ATT Booster – ($145.00)

If you like the Verizon Booster system, though you have ATT, this is the ATT Booster solution.

[Purchase: $145.00]

MaxMost Yagi Antenna

MaxMost Yagi Antenna – ($199.95)

The MaxMost Yagi Antenna is another home solution that has an outside antenna similar to the above ones (though without the indoor booster in a kit).You will have to get a router or mobile hotspot to connect to it, and this will require some technical know-how. But if you have the technical knowledge, and the attention span and ability to figure out how to set it up, this is the 3G, 4G, 5G LTE solution for boosting home signals along a huge wide-band frequency range.

[Purchase: $199.95]

MJOOSE Cell Phone Signal Booster

Mjoose iPhone Booster – ($99.95)

Do you like simple? No setup? The Mjoose iPhone Booster has your name written all over it. It’s an iPhone case that doubles as a reception booster and even charges your phone twice as fast. Note that this only works with iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE 2020 (though it does work with pretty much every carrier). The boost obviously isn’t along the line of most of the boosts provided by the others on this list, but it gives you a good kick above what your phone would do normally.

[Purchase: $99.95]


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