2021 Men’s Hiking Boot Top Picks

Best Men's Hiking Boots 2021

Are you looking for the best hiking boots?  We put together a list of some of our favorite men’s hiking boots that are perfect for wearing in spring, summer, and fall. The first time you upgrade to a pair of hiking boots that are good fitting, comfortable, waterproof and durable it changes the way you see the trail.

Best Men’s Hiking Boots

2021 Hiking Boots for Men

Merrell Moab 2 Mid GTX Boots

We’ll start things off with the boot most people start hiking in, the Merrell Moab 2 Mid GTX. It’s not the stiffest, or the longest-lasting, option on the list, but it’s not really competing with everything else on this list. Rather, it’s competing with the old sneakers you’ve been hitting the trails in. Unlike those tennis shoes, these Merrell Boots are honest-to-goodness boots perfect for day hiking, with Vibram outsoles for enhanced traction on tricky terrain, and a waterproof membrane providing waterproof/breathable protection so you can keep logging miles even when the weather isn’t perfect. However thanks to the sneaker-style midsole, and famous Merrell lasting, these Merrell Hiking Boots feel more like sneakers on your feet. That means no break-in time, seriously cushioned comfort, and a lighter feel on your feet than many “better” boots can offer is what you get with the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid GTX, one of the best hiking boots of all time.

Designed For: Comfort, Last Minute Hiking Trip

Price: $155.00

Asolo Refugitive GTX Hiking Boots for Men

Asolo Fugitive GTX Boots

For a more traditional hiking boot experience, consider the Asolo Fugitive GTX Boots. They’re not specialist boots built for one particular discipline, rather solid all-rounders that can help you scramble up the trail all summer long, and stay on your feet when the weather starts to turn in the fall. Partially that’s due to the GORE-TEX Membrane waterproofing, but it’s also a question of the construction. Using burly ballistic nylon and suede leather,  these Asolo Hiking Boots are reinforced with a rubber toe cap, it shrugs off terrain and trail hazards that would shred a lesser boot, while the polyurethane midsole and Duo Asoflex lasting board under your feet provides more protection and support when wearing the Asolo Men’s Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots you’re used to in a boot this light.

Designed For:  Hikers wanting support

Price: $225.00

AKU Cimon GTX Mid Hiking Boots - Men's

AKU Cimon GTX Boots

The most important part of any hiking boot is the fit, and since size only measures the length of your foot, not other factors like width or toe box height. So while the supportive midsole, grippy outsole, and GoreTex waterproofing may seem familiar, this is a different boot. And with that comes a different fit, and depending on you and your foot shape that could be a better fit. So don’t get too caught up on brands and models, instead focus on finding the boot that does what you need that feels best on your foot.

Designed For:  A great fitting hiking boot

Price: $199.95

2021 Astral Men's Hiking Boots

Astral TR1 Merge Boots

Don’t get distracted by the fact that these ones aren’t waterproof, that’s the whole point. First off, that makes them breathe better than even the highest-quality waterproof/breathable boots out there. So consider these if all your hiking is going to be in arid regions, or if you’re just not the kind of person to go out when there’s a chance of foul weather. Or you can take the opposite approach and use these in situations where you’re going to get so soaked that waterproof boots could never be enough to keep you dry. With quick-drying nylon uppers, and rust-proof brass hardware, this is the ideal footwear for waterfall climbing, creek exploring, kayak portaging, and all manner of amphibious adventures. Wherever you wear them, you’ll enjoy the engineered support and protection necessary to stay out longer or haul heavy loads over difficult terrain. If you play in or around water these are easily one of the best waterproof hiking boots for men.

Designed For: Getting wet and drying fast

Price: $140.00

Sandals for River Rafting

Keen Newport H2 Sandal

Speaking of aquatic adventures, there’s a reason why river guides and serious paddlers all over still swear by these Keen classics. The Keen Men’s Newport H2 Sandal is rugged, with an enclosed toe and a grippy outsole helping you find footing on river rocks or mountain summits. And they’re light, with a well-strapped sandal construction that not only holds you as securely as any low-rise hiker, but also allows for massive drainage and ventilation potential keeping your feet feeling fresh no matter where you’re headed. Plus, they’ll give you some of the most distinctive tan lines in the world.

Designed For: River rats

Price: $109.95

Men's Leather Mesh Hiking Boot

Oboz Bozeman Mid Boots

This is the boot you wear when you’re heading to class before hitting the trail. These Oboz Hiking Boots have a mellow-lugged outsole splits the difference, avoiding the “hayseed in his hikers” look while you’re in town, while still finding enough traction on the trail to keep you from looking like a city slicker. The all-leather construction is water repellant membrane, shedding light rain and helping you cross puddles (or overflowing gutters) with confidence, and shields your feet from trail hazards or urban filth with ease.

Designed For:  On and off trail use

Price: $135.00

Vasque Clarion 88 Hiking Boots

Vasque Clarion 88 Boots

Another way to mix style and performance is to grab the throwback, Vasque Clarion 88 Hiking Booots. Using colorways found in Vasque’s 1988 catalog, these hikers have old-school cool written all over them so you can wear them without shame when you stop by the coffee shop on your way through town. But you’ll feel good at the trailhead too, knowing there’s a Vibram outsole under your feet and GoreTex over the top helping you enjoy your time outdoors too.

Designed For: Style

Price: $159.99

Vasque Hiking Boots for Men, Brown

Vasque Talus XT GTX Boots

Vasque has options for people more worried about tricky terrain than fashion too. The Talus XT has the same GoreTex and Vibram technology you’ll find in the Clarion ‘88, but it rides a bit higher than most mid-rise boots. These Vasque Hiking Boots provide protection from trail hazards and a touch more support for more comfort carrying heavy loads through difficult terrain. Don’t get us wrong, the mesh upper isn’t bad looking by any means, but it’s there because of it’s abrasion-resistant construction that handles bumps and scrapes better, meaning you’ve got plenty of miles left in these boots even after your feet feel heavy at the end of a long hike.

Designed For: Heavy use with added support

Price: $209.99

Salomon X Ultra 3 Low GTX Hiking Shoes - Men's 2021 / Running

Salomon Ultra 3 GTX Boots

On the other end of the spectrum you have a boot that isn’t actually Salomon Hiking Boot, that’s not really a boot, but still gives you boot-like protection and stability. You can have GORE-TEX on your feet, with plenty of support for your feet with pretty good traction too, while wearing the Salomon X Ultra that weighs basically half as much as most “regular” hiking boots.

Designed For: Fast and light adventures 

Price: $150.00

2021 Merrell Hiking Boots for Men

Merrell Zion Mid Boots

The beautiful thing about hiking is there’s no wrong way to do it. You can be peak bagging deep in the wilderness, or just cruising a local park. You’re still hiking. And you don’t need all the bells and whistles, and the price tag that comes with it, to go hiking. This boot is a perfect example of that. It does have a brand-name outsole, because Vibram really is great at grip. These Merrell Hiking Boots don’t have GoreTex. Your feet won’t get soggy, it’s got Merrell’s own MSelect Dry waterproof membrane technology. But you’re not paying a premium to get that. Classic lacing system, and reliable textile-and-leather construction has these boots focusing on what’s important. Specifically- protecting your feet so you can focus on exploring new trailheads and seeking new summits.

Designed For:  Classic fitting boot

Price: $150.00

Top Hiking Boots for Men 2020

We’ve found a lot of great boots for you to try, but in the end what makes the best hiking boots special isn’t the buzz words or technology built into them. Instead it’s about the places they will take you, and the experiences you will have on your way there.

merrell moab 2 tactical boot

Merrell Moab 2 Tactical 8″

The Merrell Moab is a solid hiking boot — but when you add tactical features, it becomes one of the best out there. This boot is built for long days of standing, hiking, and getting dirty. Merrell’s M Select DRY membrane both keeps out water and lets moisture escape, so you don’t get that swampy feeling you get with some waterproof boots. But it’s still 100% waterproof.

The Merrel Moab 2 Boot packs some nice touches that you won’t find on many other boots. For example, the medial zipper runs from the inside of your arch up to the top of the boot, making this one of the easiest boots to get on quickly. The rubberized mesh is super tough. The air cushion in the heel fights off heel soreness. But Merrell doesn’t go overboard. The Moab 2 Tactical still weighs 2 lbs. 11 oz. per pair — which is five ounces lighter than their Moab 2 Tactical Response boot.

Designed For:  

Price: $155.00

vasque breeze lt gtx boot

Vasque Breeze LT GTX

At just 1 lb. 11 oz. per pair, the Vasque LT GTX is one of the most lightweight hiking shoes / boots available for people who don’t like carrying extra weight on their feet. But this is no around-town boot: it’s made for serious time on the trail. GORE-TEX keeps your feet dry without weighing you down or cutting off airflow, while the LiteBase outsole provides tons of grip while staying 25% lighter than similar Vibram soles.

Although the lower ankles don’t provide as much protection as you’d get from some alternative boots, the Breeze LT is a great choice when you want to keep weight down. If you don’t expect to be slogging through snow or deep mud, these boots will help you keep moving quickly without wearing you down.

Designed For:  

Price: $179.95

Blundstone 143 boot

Blundstone Work Boots, Style 143

These Blundstone Work Boots are built to handle anything from acid on the sole to electrical currents on the upper. It can definitely handle whatever you’ll come across on your hike. The water-resistant leather upper will keep your feet dry, and the non-slip sole will help you stay upright (though a purpose-made hiking boot may have slightly better grip).

The removable, washable footbed is a great feature, especially if you’re taking this on multi-day hikes or backpacking trips. Arch support is a nice bonus, too. That footbed is part of the reason why these Blundtsone Boots have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.

Designed For:  

Price: $249.99

timberland earthkeeper mt. maddsen boot

Timberland Earthkeepers Mt. Maddsen WP Mid

The name of this one is a mouthful, but the most important word here is “Earthkeepers.” That’s Timberland’s eco-friendly line. It includes 42% recycled rubber in the outsole. Leather from tanneries certified at the Silver or Gold level by the Leather Working Group. And a waterproof membrane made of 50% recycled plastic bottles.

That alone makes the Timeberland Earthkeepers Mt. Maddsen WP Mid a fantastic option for anyone who wants to be at one with nature. But the anti-fatigue features, aggressive tread pattern, and mid-level cut ensure that it won’t let you down on technical hiking trails, either. All of that comes together in a boot that costs just shy of a hundred bucks. What’s not to love?

Designed For:  

Price: $99.95

Xtratuf Bristol Bay

XTRATUF Bristol Bay

While the XTRATUF Bristol Bay is technically a fishing boot, it’s comfortable enough for long days on the trail — and its water-friendly design makes it great for stream crossings. XTRATUF describes the sole as “highest achievable slip-resistant,” so you can be confident crossing those slippery underwater rocks.

The memory foam footbed helps keep your feet from getting super tired on long hikes, and the 100% waterproof construction is as reliable as you’d expect from a fishing boot. The leather construction is durable, though you can also get a leather-and-canvas version for extra style points.

Designed For:  

Price: $180.00

Bogs bedrock

Bogs Bedrock Insulated 8″ Comp Toe

Bogs says that these boots are “Soft as pillows. Tough as nails.” Which is a great marketing slogan. But they’ve built a reputation on backing up claims like that one. The Bogs Bedrock 8″ Boot packs a ton of features that enhance both comfort and durability. For example, the Flex Width insole makes it easy to fit wider feet by just removing the bottom pad. Rebound cushioning helps fight fatigue.

But don’t think this boot is all about comfort. It’s rated down to -58º and is 100% waterproof. The reinforced heel and composite toe protect your feet from all manner of trail hazards. The seamless heel outsole provides extra durability. The BioGrip sole is both super grippy and resistant to chemicals. This boot is an all-around bad-ass.

Designed For:  

Price: $190.00

vasque sundowner boot

Vasque Sundowner GTX

The Vasque Sundowner GTX is one of the most stylish boots we’ve ever featured. Its super classic looks haven’t changed much since 1984, but the addition of modern technology makes for a long-distance hiking boot that keeps your feet warm, dry, and slip-free.

At over 3 lbs. per pair, this is a heavy-duty boot. 2.4mm full-grain leather keeps water out and GORE-TEX adds breathability and protection. And the fact that the leather comes from Vasque’s own tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota is a very cool touch. Not all reviewers are happy with the new upgrades and different manufacturing techniques used in the updated models, but there are plenty of people who absolutely love their Sundowners, too.

Designed For:  

Price: $219.99

lowa zephyr gtx boot

Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid TF

The Lowa Zephyr is designed to work as both a tactical and an everyday boot, so it brings together many of the features you’ll find in both. For example, the Monowrap support provides protection and stability when you’re moving in unpredictable ways. And the DuraPU midsole absorbs shock and provides a bit of rebound for comfort.

For being a semi-tactical option, the Zephyr is also a really good-looking boot. And although that probably shouldn’t be a big part of your decision-making process, we know it can be a factor. The high-tech outdoorsy feel is complemented by five different color options that will keep you happy to sport your Zephyrs around town as well as on the trail.

Designed For:  

Price: $210.00

aku pilgrim gtx combat

AKU Pilgrim GTX Combat

Another tactical boot, the AKU Pilgrim GTX doesn’t stand on ceremony — it’s built to handle tough conditions for long hours without letting you down. Full-grain leather and GORE-TEX is a common combination because they’re perfect together. Leather provides fantastic protection, while GORE-TEX adds even more waterproofing without sacrificing breathability.

The Vibram outsole and EVA midsole provide the support you need with the comfort required to hike or stand all day in a pair of boots. The AKU Piligrim GTX Combat Boots may not be the most aesthetically pleasing boots out there, but they’ll keep you going without letting you down.

Designed For:  

Price: $249.99


tecnica plasma mid boot

Tecnica Plasma Mid S GTX MS

While you might know Tecnica for their ski boots, they actually make some great hiking boots, too. The low-top Plasma is a lightweight hiking shoe, and the new mid-cut version adds some ankle stability and protection to the proven formula. GORE-TEX and Vibram are expected — but the custom fit stands out.

That’s right: you can get a custom thermo-molded fit when you buy these. In-store molding of the footbed and the upper helps create the perfect fit for your feet, cutting down on blisters over long days. It also gives you a bit more arch support and heel hold without having to go the more expensive full-custom route.

Designed For:  

Price: $200.00

danner 2650 hiking shoe

Danner Trail 2650

We love Danner boots here. They make solid hiking and everyday boots that are impressive in their quality and solid build. But the 2650 is a bit different. It’s designed for long through-hikes (like the 2,650 Pacific Trail), so light weight is a central factor. It’s almost a running shoe—but it’s tough enough to handle hikes where you want to focus on efficiency.

The TPU shank is a big difference from a standard running shoe; the 2650 provides more support and stability. It’s also available with a GORE-TEX lining to keep your feet dry on wet hikes. Danner also moved the heel counter to the outside of the shoe for added comfort.

Designed For:  

Price: $149.95

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