Top 10 Hybrid Bicycles in 2021

Best Hybrid Bikes 2019

Mountain Weekly News picks for the best hybrid bikes of 2019.

Giant ATX 2 bike

Giant ATX 2 – ($475)

If you like the value that Giant brings to the table but want a more trail-oriented hybrid, the ATX 2 is a solid bet. One of the nice things about this bike is that different bike sizes come with different wheel sizes. Smaller sizes have 26″ wheels, while larger ones have more modern 27.5″ hoops. This is great for shorter riders.

Like the Dual Sport, the ATX 2 has a suspension fork for off-road capability. 100mm of travel is just enough to soak up the biggest bumps you’ll find on mild trails. The tires that come on the bike are 2.1″ wide, which puts them squarely in narrow mountain bike territory for added traction.

Like the Escape, the ATX 2 is a fantastic value for a low-end hybrid. There’s little you won’t be able to do on this bike, but it’s also easy to upgrade if you’re looking for better performance.  One of the best dual sports bicycles under $500, goes anywhere and won’t break the bank.

best hybrid bike for men

sixthreezero EVRYjourney – ($454.99)

Need a cheap bike fast? The sixthreezero EVRYjourney bike can be at your house in two days thanks to Amazon Prime. It will get you where you’re going—and it comes with a rack, fenders, and a chainguard. Did you know you could get all that for less than $400? I didn’t.

I’ll be honest: you’ll make some compromises with this bike. You only get seven speeds. You get 26″ wheels. The components are . . . well, about the lowest-end you can get.

But this bike has gotten solid reviews for a reason. It’s very, very affordable. It’s simple. It works. The cruiser styling means you can put your feet on the ground without getting off the saddle. In short, it’s a solid, cheap commuter.

Electra Hybrid Bike

Electra Loft 7D Hybrid – ($539.95)

The Electra Loft 7D Hybrid Bike is built with some serious old-school styling combined with seven gears, solid double-wall rims, 700x35c tires, and rim brakes make for a stylish, reliable ride.

Raleigh Hybrid Bike for Men

Raleigh Cadent 3 – ($800.00)

The Raleigh Cadent series is about as straightforward as hybrid bikes get. They’re informed by mountain bike geometry, but they pack roadworthy features to get you through your commute fast.

Take the carbon fork, for example. It doesn’t rob you of power like a suspension fork does. But it’s compliant enough to dampen road noise and keep you comfortable. And the 700x35c tires. They’re big enough to handle a variety of mild terrain, but they’re slick for efficient road riding.

The Raleigh Cadent 3 comes with 27 gears that will take you anywhere you want to go, one of our picks for the best hybrid city bikes.

Raleigh Bicycles Redux 2 City Bike

Raleigh Redux – ($750.00)

Few hybrids promise as much fun as the Redux. Its 27.5″ tires sit squarely in mountain bike territory, but the included slick tires stay efficient on the road. The combination handles curbs, train tracks, and all manner of debris with little effort.

Like the Pure Cycles, the Raleigh Redux 2 Bike opts for a single chainring upfront, meaning you don’t have to worry about shifting or maintenance. You still get 9 gears’ worth of options, though.

And let’s acknowledge this color. There’s nothing else quite like what’s found here on the Raleigh Redux 2. You’ll never lose this thing on a bike rack.

Cannondale Quick 2020

Cannondale Quick Carbon 1 – ($1,250)

A carbon frame reduces weight and soaks up bumps, while road-bike-standard components give you great performance for the price in the Cannondale Quick Carbon 1 Bike.

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