Top 10 Men’s Snow Boots

Best Winter Boots for Men

The best men’s snow boots provide warmth and keep you dry, but they also need to help you find your footing on slippery sidewalks and snow-covered trails. And even into spring a good snow boot needs to keep you dry as the snow melts and the rain starts falling.

So we put together a list of options for you to consider. The best men’s snow boots to keep you out there no matter the weather, because even when the weather is gross it’s better than being stuck inside.

Best Men’s Snow Boots

Mens Black Boots from Lowa

Lowa Renegade Evo Ice GTX

Lowa isn’t a huge name in the states, but in it’s European homeland you can’t find an Alp that isn’t being climbed in a pair of their boots. Like the name suggests these are related to their Renegade line of hikers, and they have the same Bi-Injected polyurethane midsole giving you a moderately stiff level of support. So they feel comfortable, which really is all any of us want out of a pair of boots.

The difference comes in when we get to the upper. While the regular Lowa Renegade is available in low- and mid-height designs, the Low Renegade Evo ICE GTX is a high-rise design, allowing it to seal out snow and slush even on the deepest days. A GORE-TEX Partelana liner covers protection from the elements, obviously handling moisture and wind with ease but with an unexpected bonus of a polyester/wool blend layer that makes these boots great for keeping your feet warm for cold days but not so hot that it limits their usability.

Price: $299.95

Bogs Men's Black Boots

Bogs Workman Soft Toe Composite

It’s the small things that make the difference when it comes to the Bogs Workman Soft Toe boots. The pull-on design makes it easier to get out the door when the weather is ugly, and the Seamless construction of the lower portion of the boot makes sure all that ugly stays outside. But plain old rubber boots do that too, so these boots get a little different above the ankle.

That’s where the rubber transitions to Neo-Tech, Bogs’ proprietary construction method that’s not only stretchy but it’s also breathable and warm. And that comfort completely surrounds your feet, keeping your toes warmer than your old barn boots, while Rebound cushioning in the insole will have your feet dry while feeling great even if you’re just heading out to shovel the sidewalk for what is hopefully the last time.

Price: $199.99

Purple Mens Hiking Boots

Vasque Snowburban II Ultradry

If your springs are more like second winters, the Vasque Snowburban II Ultradry boot could be exactly what you’re looking for. Like the Lowas, they’re a high-top design for maximum coverage. But the difference comes inside the boot. First off is the insulation: with 400g of Thinsulate Ultra in these things if your feet are cold it isn’t because of the boots. These cold weather boots feature  UltraDry waterproofing doesn’t have the name recognition of GORE-TEX or even eVent, but since these boots are designed for wear well below freezing that shouldn’t scare you off.

Also on the inside is something a little tougher to define. Call it heritage, tradition, or simply a tradition of making really good boots. Vasque’s parent company, Red Wing, has been synonymous with comfortable, long-lasting footwear for literally a century. These Snowburbans aren’t made in the USA like Red Wing’s best models are, and rumor has it that as a result they may not have the same family-heirloom quality. But you still get a fit and a feel that’s shockingly good, and miles better than anything else you’ll find at this price.

Price: $159.99

Mens Brown Merrell Hiking Boots

Merrell Men’s Thermo Glacier Mid Waterproof

The Merrell Thermo Glacier Mid Waterproof boots are the first option on our list that gives you a more tone-down look. Which isn’t to say that you’ll want to wear these to your cousin’s wedding, but they’re more comfortable than the first three options for running errands, or even heading into work if you’ve got a more casual work environment. And they’re insulated in a way that supports that usage, with Primaloft Aerogel insulation on top of your toes to ensure you’re never too cold, while COnductor fleece lines the rest of the boot for cozy comfort even if you’re going to be inside most of the day.

But the real trick here is underneath. Using a Vibram ArcticGrip outsole, these boots have thermochromatic lugs that change color when the temperature drops. But unlike the similar technology on certain beer cans, this is more than just marketing. The chemical composition of the lugs is such that when the temperature drops they actually get stickier, helping you keep your feet even on slippery, wet ice. Think about that next time you’re in the middle of a freeze/thaw cycle and yesterday’s melt is frozen across your sidewalk, driveway, or path. One of the better winter boots for men on the go.

Price: $179.99

adidas mens snow boots

adidas Terrex Free Hiker Cold.RDY Hiking Boots

Get a sneaker company to make a boot and you’ll wind up with something like the adidas Terrex Free Hiker COLD.RDY boots. When the upper is covered by pants all anyone will see is the signature Boost midsole and Primeknit construction, making these a great option for low-key protection with a casual look. Not that the protection itself is low-key mind you. These things have GORE-TEX Duratherm, along with COLD.RDY construction that puts multiple layers of waterproof warmth between you and the outside.

With the rugged Continental outsole and a mid-height zip-close top, they’re kind of fall in between “boot” and “sneaker”, in a good way. Just like a good pair of trail runners has replaced hiking boots for most dedicated through-hikers, these zip-up winter sneaks could make you rethink winter footwear. They’re still warm, they’re still protective, and they’re still waterproof. They’re just also lighter, more comfortable, and they don’t look like you’ve just stepped out of an episode of “Fargo”.

Price: $295.99

Men's Duck Boots from Sperry

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots

The “duck boot” had a moment where it was fashionable a few years back, when people as far south as Atlanta were rocking stuff like the Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots not for the function but for the look. And these boots deliver the style with the utilitarian yet upscale look and feel you’d expect from the boat shoe maestros at Sperry. But whether you think that style is immortal or this look’s time has passed, there’s no disputing that for points north the function remains. The lower part of the boot is all rubber, giving you uncompromised protection from slush, mud, rain, or whatever grossness you have to walk through. And the leather upper provides a more flexible fit with superior breathability than you’d get from a full-rubber boot.

However it’s impossible to talk about these boots without mentioning the one that innovated the design over a hundred years ago. The Bean Boot from L.L. Bean remains the gold standard in this category, just as it has ever since the original Leon Leonwood Bean invented the style. And putting the Beans ahead of the Sperrys is the fact that they use a single injection molded piece for the rubber section of the boot. Meaning no seams, no leaks, and a more flexible fit that makes them more durable and some of the most comfortable options on the market. Also giving Bean the edge here is the fact that they’re available in multiple heights, and with options like Thinsulate insulation or a shearling lining, as well as Chelsea and low-cut “gumshoe” styles. One of the best snow boots for men with a timeless style.

Price: $160.00

Mens Muck Boots Mid Camo Colorway

Muck Apex Mid Zip

If somehow the name isn’t enough to convince you this company knows a thing or two about facing difficult weather, you should know that Muck is well known in hunting and farming circles. And their sister company XtraTuf is favored by fishermen up and down both coasts. They make hearty, work-ready footwear built to help you stay out longer even when you’d rather be inside.

But the Muck Apex Mid Zip boots are a bit different in their intended purpose. They’re a new direction for Muckk, with an EVA midsole just like you’ll find on active footwear from running shoes to more classic “hiking”boots. And the lugged outsole is built for traction on all manner of natural surfaces, making them perfect for scrambling up rocky trails or traversing snowed-in sidewalks. And you get all of that while still enjoying the 100% waterproof protection in a great pair of rain boots that also work in the sub-freezing temperature that Muck is known for.

Price: $129.95

REI Hiking Shoes

ECCO Exohike Men’s Mid GTX Boots

Dominating the look of the ECCO Exohike Men’s Mid GTX boots is the prominent PROSOMA heel cup. Laying on top of the water-resistant leather construction, this T.PU Structure gives the boot a secure and supportive fit ideal for rough terrain where your ankles are going to be asked to do a bit more work.

But that support comes at a cost. If your heel isn’t particularly narrow, these boots might not be for you, with some amazon reviewers complaining of blisters around their achilles from these super-supportive boots.

Price: $200.00

Mens Blundstone Lace Boots

Blundstone Thermal Lace Up Boots

They’re known for their #500 pull-on boots, But the Blundstone Thermal Lace Up Boots offer a lot of the same benefits with a few extra creature comforts for winter weather. The most obvious of with is the shearling lining you’ll recognize from those other Australian boots, but the lacing also allows these boots to seal in warmth better than the Chelsea-style #500s. On top of that there’s Thinsulate underneath the shearling, so if you’re cold in these it’s not the boot’s fault.

Underfoot the SPS Max Comfort System works with a cushioned midsole and TPU outsole to make this boot supremely comfortable for long days on your feet, and the latex-sealed seams keep wet conditions out. But it’s worth noting that while these boots are made from a waterproofed leather, that does not mean these boots themselves are waterproof. They’ll shrug off slush and light rain with no problem, but for truly sloppy conditions all that waterproofed leather is going to do is resist staining. It will not keep you dry the way fully waterproof options would.

Price: $259.95

Wolverine Men's BOA Boot

Wolverine ShiftPlus Polar Range BOA

Snowboarders will instantly recognize the clicky sound and secure feel of the Boa Fit System built into the Wolverine Shift Plus Polar Range BOA boot, but for those who aren’t familiar this could be a major revelation. Instead of textile-based lacing, this boot uses a braided steel cable with a proprietary tightening system that lets you dial in the perfect fit with a simple spin of the built-in BOA reel. It’s just one step behind the Marty McFly technology from our childhoods, and it’s the best compromise between fit and simplicity available for footwear.

But that’s not all these boots do. They also have a Vibram Arctic Grip Outsole, giving you enhanced traction on wet ice, and 600g of Primaloft Aerogel Insulation that provides greater warmth even when compressed so you won’t have cold seeping up through your soles like you can in other boots. The nylon shank and DuraSpring PU midsole are borrowed from Wolverine’s standard line of legendary work boots, meaning you can count on them for hard-wearing support and comfort for a long time to come.

Price: $230.00

Best Mountain Boots 2020

A good pair of boots will keep your feet warm and dry, provide traction on snow and ice, and, in some cases, protect your feet from impact (which is great if you have to kick ice off of things once nighttime temperatures get below zero). Wondering where to start?  We put together a list of the best mountain boots for winter to wear in the snow, around town and even to the office.


Muck Boot Chore Mid Boots

With the perfect height of 12 inches, the Muck Boot Chore Mid Boots have become my go-to boot for running errands, especially when the weather is nasty.  The peace of mind that comes from wearing boots that are 100% waterproof is incredible, no longer will you feel bad about walking directly through puddles as they are no match for the Much Chore. One of the other neat things about this boot is pants can be worn either under or over boots making it a nice option for walking around town for dinner or to social events without looking like a fisherman. The Muck Men’s Chore boots perform well in rain, snow, and mud, what more could you want out of a pair of boots? These a great pair of men’s work boots for winter and year-round use.

Price: $140.00


Bogs Turf Stomper Steel Toe Boots

Intended for landscapers, the Bigs Turf Stomper Steel Toe Boots will protect your feet from the wide variety of chemicals that are used in the business. The chemical-resistant upper is supplemented with a 100% waterproof outer, keeping your feet totally isolated from nasty weather in this mountain winter boot, plus it offers 25mm midfoot shank for puncture and impact protection. The lack of a toe cap might drop this down on some boot shoppers’ lists, but it’s still quite protective.

Bogs use some very cool technology to keep you comfortable; the entire boot is vegan-friendly, and Bogs’ Neo-Tech liner keeps your foot insulated and dry with wicking technology—if you’re sweating, a waterproof outer isn’t going to help you, but Neo-Tech will. Earth-friendly DuraFresh will keep your boots from stinking up the house, too. And to top, it off, Bogs contributes 2% of its profits to outdoor education to help kids get out into nature.

Price: $145.00


IceBug BUGrip Boots

Even if you have the grippiest sole on your boot, ice is going to cause problems. Unless you have 16 steel studs protruding from the bottom of your boot biting into the ice like chained tires, that is. Icebug makes the best shoes for snow and ice hands down, nothing else can compare. The Icebug Vidar PRO BUGrip Boots combine ice-gripping studs with an aluminum toe cap and a composite Alu-sheet in the midsole to keep your feet totally protected from the elements, whether they’re trying to smash your toes or freeze your feet from the ground up.

Waterproof and lined with Thinsulate, this boot will keep your feet warm and dry while you’re running around on the ice and reflects heat back to your foot to keep the chill away. The steel studs mean they’re winter-only, but if the snow and ice are hitting the sidewalks, they can’t be beaten. I would consider this the best winter walking shoe/boot on this list.

Price: $179.95

Mens Muck Mud Boots

Muck Boots Arctic Excursion Mid

The boot you will find yourself wearing the most this winter, into spring and possibly even cold summer mornings especially muddy ones is the Muck Boots Arctic Excursion Mid Boot.  What’s great about this boot is it’s a little bit shorter than the big ole’ traditional Muck Boots.  These boots can easily be worn under or over your jeans offering a nice classic style without looking like a lumberjack.

Puddles are no match for these perfect mountain winter boots, as these boots are 100% waterproof making them a great pair of men’s rain snow boots.  Toss in a temperature comfort rating of -40° to 40°F and you won’t ever want to take these super comfortable boots off, even indoors. A classic mountain boot, at some point, if you live in the mountains you will own a pair of these.

Price: $150.00


Muck Boot Arctic Sport Tall

For when you really need to get in and out of the Muck, there is really no other boot that compares to the Muck Boot Arctic Excursion Tall. With a name like the Arctic Sport clearly, these boots can be used in cold temperatures, in fact, you can comfortably wear them in temperatures all the way down to -40F. For when you need a tall pair of boots, the Muck Boot Arctic Sport Tall is a must-have.  These are the best winter Muck Boots designed for working in the muck as they are 17″ tall good for keeping snow, dirt, and mud where it belongs, outside the boot.

Price: $175.00

Mens Bogs Rancher Boot

Bogs Rancher Boots

There’s only way to really test ranch boots and that’s to go out and play in the mud. The Rancher Steel Toe Boot is designed with a great swing weight which helped keep the boots attached to your feet even in the muckiest of conditions. After three hours of bird hunting, I came back to the truck and my feet were warm and dry– now that’s a first thanks to these Bog Boots.

Bogs Boots are listed as 100% waterproof so we thought why not try these fishing up in the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t have asked for a better boot for the trip. Featuring a nonslip and nonmarking outsole and flexible inner bootie the Rancher boots work amazing on the water. The best part about the Bogs Rancher Boots and all the Bogs products is they can be used year-round in any conditions you can find snow, mud rain whatever it is these boots will push through with ease. According to the companies website “we have our home in the Pacific Northwest where a few degrees can be the difference between a snowstorm, a week of rain or a weekend of sunshine.”

Price: $130.00


Keen The 59 Chelsea Boots

The Keen 59 Chelsea mountain boot is more understated; its low cut and elastic panel plant it squarely in the casual section. But a full-grain leather upper and lightweight midsole mean you’ll be warm, dry, and comfortable in nasty weather. It might not stand up to jumping in slush puddles, but it’ll keep the average person warm and dry without breaking the bank. The Keens are perhaps the best stylish winter boots on this list.

Price: $150.00


Ahnu Tamarack Boots

Most hard-working boots tend to look like . . . well, like hard-working boots. Which isn’t always a great style choice. But Ahnu Tamarack Boots packs a surprising amount of style into their waterproof, breathable Tamarack, which they describe as a “winter hiker/après ski boot.” A shock dispersal plate in the forefoot protects your feet from rocks under the snow, and a rubber toe protector keeps your digits from getting beat up without adding the weight of a metal toe cap.

These boots are big on comfort, too: with 200g of Thinsulate insulation and a faux shearling lining, your feet will always be happy when you pull on the Ahnu Tamarack Boots. Big lugs and Numentum foot-guide technology will keep you upright in the snow with added traction and a stable footpath. If you don’t need enough protection to work on a frozen construction site, the Tamarack will see you through the rest of the winter. Another pair of really stylish winter boots for men that stand out from traditional boots.

Price: $99.99


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  1. Too many to list! I love my Limmer Lightweights for hiking. I got a few pairs of Chippewa boots that are good looking and tough as nails. (One pair is the gore tex L.L. Bean Mount Katadihn, the other is unlined with gumlite sole). Many, many others too. I usually buy US made, but am going to have to try those Oliberte boots.

    • I’ve been trying to buy more US-made things in the past, but Oliberte has a phenomenal social good model going on, and I definitely appreciate that. I’ll have to check out the Chippewas, too. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. No Blundstone Thinsulate? Probably the best looking and functional winter boot.

    • The Blundstone is also a great option, especially if you like Chelsea boots! You do have a point about their looks; they definitely stand out from the crowd. Thanks for pointing those out!

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