Top 8 Mountain Bike Gloves

Best Mountain Bike Gloves for 2018

Padded, thin, fingerless, gel, smartphone-compatible – mountain biking gloves come in a million shapes and sizes. We picked out 6 of the best mountain bike gloves that excelled while testing XC/Trail riding trails in and around Wyoming and Idaho.

Best Mountain Biking Gloves 2019

Pearl Izumi Cyclone Gel Glove - Men's

Pearl Izumi Mountain Biking Gloves – ($40.00)

Cold fingers can turn any phenomenal ride into a miserable one. Spring, fall, and warmer winter days require you to be ready for chilly temps, but also don’t require your deep-winter gauntlets. The Pearl Izumi Cyclone is the perfect answer. Pearl Izumi thought of absolutely everything: they’re warm, but not too warm. They protect your hands from wind and water. They work with touchscreens. Gel padding keeps your hands from going numb. There are reflective points to make you safer when you’re riding in the dark. Unless you’re in a deep freeze, the Cyclone has everything you need in a glove.

Hestra Enduro Bike Glove Full Finger

Hestra Ergo Grip Enduro – (50.00)

For the committed downhill mtb rider, Hestra, yes the company that makes ski gloves have entered the mountain bike world with a couple of solid gloves for mountain biking.   The Hestra Ergo Grip Glove comes with a padded palm, reinforced fingernail tips that are touchscreen compatible and breathable mesh material on the backside of the glove that helps to wick moisture away from your hands. Making this one of the best padded ventilated mountain biking gloves of the year. This is also one of the best fitting mountain gloves too boot. Hands down one of our favorite and best downhill mtb gloves, from a ski brand, go figure.

Fox Mountain Bike Glove with padding

Fox Reflex Gel Glove – ($32.95)

The Reflex Gel Glove from Fox Racing offered the most padding out of the gloves we tested thanks in part to the four strategically placed gel inserts located on the palm of the glove. While silicone fingertips on the index and middle fingers offered a tacky feel that gave our testers added confidence on the down. When the trails were demanding the Fox Reflex was always the glove our testers preferred to wear.  If you’re looking for a good mountain bike glove, Fox has you dialed.


Half Finger Sailing Gloves

Dakine Half Finger Sailing Gloves – ($32)

Now technically these gloves from Dakine are made for being on the water, however, they work just as well on the trail too. The Dakine Half Finger Sailing Gloves offer extra padding at the knuckles along with a breathable mesh material throughout the glove. This Glove does not have padding in the palm however, it is made with a non-slip material, if it works for boating, it will work for biking…

Hestra Short Bike Glove Half Finger

Hestra Bike Short SR – ($35)

Next up in this roundup is the Hestra Bike Short SR. Glove. Leather bike gloves = comfort on the trail.  These are the perfect gloves to wear for long-distance xc rides as they have just enough padding in the palm.

Dakine Concept bike glove

Dakine Concept Glove – ($29.95)

Dakine’s Concept glove is being marketed as “the world’s thinnest, lightest, most comfortable glove”, and we have to agree with most of that statement. The Concept glove is as a minimalist glove that is light as a feather, there is truly nothing like it on the market in terms of weight or lack thereof. For cross-country (XC) riding the Dakine Concept, the glove was an instant favorite amongst our testers.

Triple 8 EXOSKIN

Triple 8 Exoskin Glove – ($29.89)

Introducing the Exoskin glove from Triple 8 a perfect go everywhere bike glove. Ventilated mesh on the back of the hand kept our testers dry even in rainy weather. However the feature that had everyone talking was the Sweatsaver brow-wipe that felt like you were sliding into a fresh pair of cotton sheets, obviously, Triple 8 worked closely with their pro team on that feature. When your not sure what type of riding you’ll be doing grab the Triple 8 EXOSKIN as it will work in all conditions.

Blue Mens Bike Glove for MTB

Dakine Covert Glove – $39.99

Because performance is very important some prefer thin (but sticky) gloves with little to no padding, They offer better handlebar feel and fit tighter than some of the larger gloves on the market.  The Dakine Covert Bike Gloves are just that, they hug the surface of your hands have no padding so you can feel the bars, and grip well. These gloves use a slip-on closure, as opposed to Velcro, breathe well and look stylish.

For discerning, hard-charging female riders looking for the Porsche of bike-glove performance, I’d recommend scoring some Dakine Covert Gloves.

Mountain Bike Gloves Price Comparison

  1. Pearl Izumi Cyclone Glove – $40.00
  2. Hestra Ergo Grip – $69.95
  3. Fox Racing Reflex Gel Glove – $32.95
  4. Dakine Half Finger Sailing Glove – $32
  5. Hestra Bike Short SR Glove – $35
  6. Dakine Concept Glove – $29.95
  7. Tripple8 Exoskin Glove – $29.89
  8. Dakine Cover Glove – $39.95

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