Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers for Indoor Outdoor Patio Use in 2021

Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to making a list of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers there are a couple of things we considered.  How do the speakers sound outdoors? What sort of features are available out of the box?  And how durable are the speakers?

Here’s our picks for great outdoor speakers:

Best Outdoor Speakers

Muzen Classic Wooden Speaker Rosewood Duffle

Best Style: Muzen Rosewood Duffle Speaker

Something the size of your palm should not sound this good.  The size is no doubt the first thing you’ll notice about the Muzen Rosewood Speaker. But where the real fun comes is the sound that’s delivered from Muzen.  One of my favorite features of this speaker is the ability to listen to local radio stations, via an old-school frequency dial, just like your grandparents would have used. With its speaker built in a Rosewood Box. Muzen figured out how naturally cut down on vibrations while improving the sound quality by housing the speaker in wood.

  • 10 Hours Playtime
  • FM Radio
  • Wood Finish

Like all the other Wireless Bluetooth Speakers on this list, the Muzen Rosewood Duffel has the ability to be connected both wirelessly via Bluetooth along with an AUX plug. Muzen stepped things up a notch by making a leather duffel bag to carry this speaker around.  It’s my favorite way to listen to music while staying in traveling. The Muzen Rosewood Duffel is the sort of gift you can give to anyone you know and watch them smile when they open the package… ANYONE

Price: $123.00

Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoors JBL Charge 3

Best Sound: JBL Charge 3 Speaker

For someone looking to really bring the party into the backcountry, JBL has got you covered with the Charge 3.  What makes the JBL Charge 3 super unique is the ability to link multiple speakers together wirelessly via the JBL Connect.  Want to make a mini-concert outdoors, the JBL Charge 3 can be connected to 100 devices at the same time for a full array of sound. One of the best outdoor patio speakers in 2019.

  • 20 Hours Playtime
  • 6000mAh Power Bank
  • Speaker Phone

The JBL Charge 3 comes with an IPX7 Waterproof Rating which allows the speaker to work outdoors in the rain. And it can take even more abuse as the speaker is wrapped in a durable rubber housing. JBL takes things a step farther saying the Charge 3 is even dunk proof, which makes this a great speaker option for spending a day at the pool or on the water. Lastly, the bass this speaker puts out is impressive, which is sort of expected from JBL a company is known for audio making the Charge 3 one of the best sounding outdoor Bluetooth speakers available.

Price: $149.95

iHome iBT374 Speaker

Best Value: iHome iBT374 Speaker

The biggest speaker on this roundup comes from iHome. The iHome iBT374 Weather Tough Bluetooth Speaker is packed full of features that really enhance the value of this already incredibly priced speaker.  The iHome iBT374 puts out plenty of sounds thanks to 20 Watt speakers.  What makes this speaker stand out is the color changing lights that can be programmed to pulsate along to your favorite tunes.

  • 8 Hours Playtime
  • Voice Activated Spotify, NPR, iHeartRadio and more
  • Floats in Water

With a built-in microphone, the iHome iBT374 can connect to Google Now Voice, Siri and even lets you make and receive calls. Are you running iOS 10? The iHome Speaker comes with Caller ID function enabled. Built with a rugged rubber housing,  iHome’s iBT374 is extremely durable, shockproof, dustproof and more. The only downside to the iHome Speaker’s design is its weight, coming in at almost 4.5 lbs. The heavier weight makes this speaker is not ideal for backpacking. However, as the name implies, it’s best used at home on your patio.

Price: $79.99

Edifier Bluetooth Speaker

Most Portable: Edifier MP100 Speaker

Life is messy and fast and is considerably improved by a poppin’ soundtrack. Luckily Edifier made their MP100 Speaker with your peripatetic and chaotic lifestyle in mind. Want to bring some tunes for that BC kicker session, or the night-time yurtlife? It weighs less than half a pound (7.5 ounces) and has a carabiner-esque clip incorporated.

  • 20 Hours Playtime
  • MicroSD Compatible
  • Caribineer Carrying Clip

I’ve listened to this on the beach, in the woods, clipped onto a trellis for a muggy backyard crab feast where changing the volume meant that I was covering it in Old Bay. Yes the IP54 rated outer shell kept it dry, dust-proof, easily cleaned, and undinged, all to ensure the party goes on. And go on it will – with clearer and louder sound than I’ve ever heard out of a comparable 3.5-inch speaker and a 20-hour battery life, this speaker has outlasted more than a few adventurous late-nights. The Edifier MP100 is the perfect (and perfectly-priced) new toy for the rowdy rambler who doesn’t want to sacrifice sound for size.

Price: $29.99

Soundcast VG1 Bluetooth Speaker

Best Outdoor Speaker with Bass: Soundcast VG1 Bluetooth Speaker

Your friends are going to assume you spend a fortune on this fine looking speaker from Soundcast.  Looks aside where the VG1 really delivers is in its features including the ability to connect with Siri, 15 hours of playtime and a durable body. With dual drivers the VG1 hits, which is especially nice for tracks with deep bass which is delivered via the back of the speaker. One the best outdoor speakers with bass

  • Weather Resistant
  • Speakerphone

This is the only Siri Bluetooth speaker on our list, and for the price, you can’t go wrong. The Soundcast VG1 is one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers with bass, we’re talking serious bass.

Price: $149.00

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