Top 7 Powder Skis 2020

Best Powder Skis 2019
Powder Ski from Blizzard

Blizzard Zero G 108 – ($799.95)

Blizzard, arguably the best downhill performance ski manufacturer in Europe entered the touring scene a few years ago. They recognized that other ski manufacturers were sacrificing downhill performance for uphill performance. Thus, Blizzard created a line of skis that are just a nimble and solid going up as they are going down.  For skiers looking for more versatility, we recommend the Blizzard Zero G 95, for BC powder, we recommend the Blizzard Zero G 108 Ski.



Black Diamond Helios Ski

Black Diamond Helio 116 – ($949.95)

Black Diamond innovates faster than most outdoor industry brands that manufacture quality equipment at the size, rate, and variety of Black Diamond. The Black Diamond Helio 106 Ski provides versatility and flexibility, is light-footed, modern shaped, quick in the crud, and forgiving in the powder.  For deep snow explorers, we recommend the Black Diamond Helio 116 Carbon.

DPS Wailer T112 Skis

DPS Wailer 112 Tour 1 – ($1,099)

DPS is the top manufacturer of touring skis in the world. Their proprietary core construction and brand reliability make DPS a favorite of professionals and envy of their competitors. Any ski in the DPS Tour 1 line is reliable and worth the investment. DPS provides the “one-ski-quiver” more than any other brand. For those simply searching for long surf-like turns in deep powder, try the DPS Wailer 112 RP2 Tour 1.



Liberty Origin 106 Touring Ski

Liberty Origin 106 – ($649.95)

The Liberty Origin 106 Ski handles trees and deep powder with ease. Durability is great and the shape bites in when you have to throw them sideways in technical zones. The ski isn’t too stiff so it’s responsive, but it is stiff enough to arc the big radius turns.



Atomic Powder Skis

Atomic Backland 107 – ($699.99)

The Atomic Backland 107 is a lightweight ski with moderate flex and a stiffer tail which makes for a fun ski.

Mens Dynafit Beast 108 Ski

Dynafit Beast 108 – ($799.95)

The Dynafit Beast 98 Ski will crush trees and handle the alpine steeps with equal ease. It was even was my go-to set up for last season’s spring missions. The Dynafit Beast 108 Ski has a medium flex in relation to its shape.  Dynafit makes great skis for ski touring and skiing in general.



Size Shown: 171 cm Icelantic Nomad 105 Skis 2020

Icelantic Nomad 105 – ($729.00)

The Icelantic Nomad 105 Ski’s flex is a nice compromise between a freeride railer and a pow ski. The early rise is great, however, the float and feel underfoot are TBD?  It’s not all pow all the time.



Powder Ski Price Comparison

  1. Salomon QST 106 Skis – ($749.99)
  2. LINE Blend Skis – ($599.95)
  3. Volkl Confession Skis – ($749)
  4. J-Skis The Metal Skis – ($699.00)
  5. Armada Magic J Skis – ($749.95)
  6. Black Crows Anima Skis – ($889.95)
  7. Fischer Hannibal 96 Skis – ($699.95)
  8. Blizzard Zero G 108 Skis – ($799.95)
  9. Black Diamond Helio 116 Skis – ($949.95)
  10. DPS Wailer 112 Tour 1 Skis – ($1,099)
  11. Liberty Origin 106 Skis – ($649.95)
  12. Atomic Backland 107 Skis – ($699.99)
  13. Dynafit Beast 108 Skis – ($799.95)
  14. Icelantic Nomad 105 Skis  – ($729.00)

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