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2 Comments on "Best Snowboard Headphones"

Mike Hardaker


Not sure I agree with your comment, earbuds rock especially the Clarity Ones model mentioned above. For only $59 you cant go wrong. Never heard of Zed headphones.

Simon Dortmans

Forget earbuds for snowboarding: they’re tangly, uncomfortable, and the wires get in the way.

The best solution I have found are ZED-phones. Flat Bluetooth Speakers stitched into really good headbands and beanies. We got ours from
http://www.ZED-phones.com but I think they’re in stores too. They deliver globally for free anyway.

Sounds quality was good. They play a whole day straight without a charge. Standby for days and have a wireless distance of about 10 metres. Made by boarders for boarders they are the only decent options I’ve seen on any mountain.