Top 10 Men’s Snowboard Socks in 2021

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Below you’ll find our picks for the best socks for snowboarding. Find one that sounds like a good fit for you, and grab a few pairs before it starts getting Antarctic-level cold on the slopes. Some snowboard socks are thin, some are thick and some fit just about rite.

Snowboard Socks Burton

Burton Performance Sock

Everyone should own a pair of Burton Snowboard socks, especially these super comfortable Burton Performance + Midweight Socks. What sets these snowboard specific socks apart from the others is a healthy addition of padding where snowboard boots tend to get pressure points on your heels and shins. Burton knows snowboarding and these Merino wool socks will work for all your snowboard needs.  One of the best mens snowboarding socks sold of all time.

Price: $24.95


37.5 Technology Socks

Point 6 – 37.5 Sock

Back to the Merino Wool socks, Point6 has knocked it out of the park with their 37.5 technology. These socks are going to keep your feet dry for the longest of any others on this list.  Why?  Well, 37.5 basically traps moisture in its vapor form, before it has a chance to become sweat and stick to your feet. This is another medium thickness sock offering the perfect blend of comfort, warmth and super-fast drying tech.

Price: $30.95

Fits Socks

FITS Pro Ski Sock

Ahh is the feeling you get when you put on FITS socks.  These have been a staff favorite for years as FITS uses a blend of Merino Wool 57%, Nylon 32%, Polyester 8%, Lycra 3% in the PRO Ski Socks.  The FITS Pro Ski Socks do have a little extra padding in the front of the socks which is nice if you’re trying to fill some space in your boots. And they even work to help hold your heel down in place without any slippage. Some of the best snowboarding socks on the list being marketed towards skiers not snowboarders?

Price: $23.99


Wigwam Socks

Wigwam Moarri Midweight Sock

Another great mid-weight sock with great anti-slip properties comes from Wigwam.  These guys know how to make socks. Made in the USA with a blend of 44% Stretch Nylon, 28% Merino Wool, 21% Polyester, 4% Spandex, 3% Tencel® Wigwam socks are great to wear on long days.  If you live somewhere it’s wet or play in wet snow often the brands Patented Ultimax® moisture control really keeps water wear it belongs, off your feet.

Price: $24.00

Darn Tough Ski Socks

Darn Tough Mountain Top OTC Light Sock

Darn Tough makes some darn fine socks out of Vermont.  These socks come with a lifetime warranty, although you’ll most likely never have to use it.  The Darn Tough Mountain Top OTC Light Sock is made with a 54% Merino Wool 43% Nylon 3% Lycra® Spandex blend that combines comfort and warmth all in one. Out of all the socks on this list, Darn Tough are as the name implies the strongest socks, built to last and built for heavy outdoor use. One of the best snowboard socks that can double for skiing, lounging and just about everything.

Price: $24.95

Smartwool PhD Socks

There’s a reason everyone has heard of Smartwool. They make warm, lightweight, highly wicking clothes—all characteristics of great socks. The Smartwool PhD Snowboard Socks are exactly what you’d expect: medium weight, medium cushion, and a phenomenal fit. And it’s made of Smartwool’s Indestructawool . . . which is exactly what it sounds like. Ventilation zones keep you from overheating when you’re riding hard, and 62% Merino wool construction wicks sweat without sacrificing warmth. These Smartwool snowboard socks will be one of the first pairs of socks you reach for in your drawer.

Price: $26.95

Hotronic Heat Socks

Heavy socks will keep your feet nice and warm . . . but if you don’t have great circulation, or you’re headed for some seriously cold high-alpine ski spots, you need something more. Hotronic makes battery-powered heated snowboard socks that provide heat for up to thirteen hours. With four settings (including a super-hot boost setting that reverts to a more reasonable temperature after a few minutes), you can ensure that your feet are always warm in this pair of the warmest snowboard socks out there. Just hook up the battery pack (it stows in the top part of the sock), set it to your preferred temperature, and go.

Price: $89.00

Dakine Snowboard Socks

Dakine Summit Sock

The Dakine Summit Sock does a phenomenon job of facilitating a genuine foot-to-boot connection that allows for better feel and control. Featuring a low-profile and reinforced high-stress areas, this set has been known to get used day after day by active riders that would rather enjoy the slightly smelly comfort than daydream about them on the hill while the Thinlines gets dizzy in the wash. Allow your feet to develop a personal relationship with your boots thanks to theses Dakine thin snowboard socks.

Price: $25.95

Bridgedale Merino Fusion Sock

Expert skiers and snowboarders want a tight fit from their boots, and warm socks can get in the way of that. Bridgedale has addressed this issue with the Ultra Fit—it’s 34% wool, but includes a graded compression fit to keep it as snug as possible. It’s tough to balance warmth with an expert-level fit, but that’s what this sock is all about. One of the best men’s snowboard socks.

Price: $31.99


Swiftwick Socks

Swiftwick ASPIRE Socks

I don’t know what the secret sauce is that Swiftwick uses but these are the type socks you won’t ever want to take off.  Period. From the second you slip your feet into a pair of the Swiftwick ASPIRE socks you can tell something is uniquely different.  Most likely its the combo of 46% Olefin / 43% Nylon / 11% Spandex that offers incredible stretch and compression.  The compression component alone makes them a great pair of mens snow socks.

Price: $29.99

Ski Socks with Padding

Falke SK2 Sock

Another great pair of socks for snowboarding and even skiing is the Falke SK2 Socks.  These socks are built with a medium weight that is pretty darn good to wear while snowboarding.  Especially if its cold out as the Merino wool on these socks offers serious insulation. Although the socks are actually designed for skiing, they work wonders for snowboarding too.  Think about it for a second, ski boots are not that comfortable, so ski socks need to offer just a little bit more padding. Be sure to check out this German sock brand, you’ll be stoked you did. Once you try Merino wool snowboard socks, the comfort will be hard to go back from.

Price: $29.99

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    Oh man, Darn Tough socks are super tough. The pair I wore pictured here at the 2014 Sleepy Hollow Mtn Race (Huntington Vermont) are still in like new condition. Actually, I trail ran in them twice this week.

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