Top 10 Snowboards for 2022

Best 2019 Snowboards

We have gathered the best snowboards 2019 so you can take your pick of these dynamite decks. They say no two snowflakes are alike. The same could be said for snowboards.

2019 Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard

Lib Tech T.Rice Orca

Become the pride of your pod with the T. Rice Orca Snowboard from the mad minds at Lib Tech. Travis designed this magnificent creature to be his backcountry partner in crime, so you know it’s going to get out there and rage with you wherever you ride. The Orca is at its finest when you set it free in a sea of snow as deep as the Mariana Trench, but it thrives all over the mountain. This directional board is certainly on the stiff side, which keeps it stable at high speeds, and boy does it like to go. It accelerates like there’s blood in the water and it’s aggressive enough to bring down your own personal great white whale of a line. Featuring a bit of rocker between the feet and serious camber underfoot, the nose is lifted for that pow float, but there is a considerable amount of effective edge that keeps it nimble toe-to-heal on groomers and through chunder. Compact and a bit on the wide side, the T. Rice Orca lets you dive in with confidence to prey upon your terrain of choice.

Price: $599.00

2019 Never Summer Chairman Snowboard
Never Summer Chairman Snowboard

You better call ahead to schedule your appointment this winter with the Never Summer Chairman Snowboard. This freeride favorite has elected to go all-in on stability, carving, and speed. A maximized effective edge and ramped up dampening gives you a feeling of ultimate control. Lay down the deepest carves to truly experience what the Chairman is capable of unloading. Now with a Ripsaw profile to complete its résumé as an absolute boss anywhere it roams, from chutes to trees, this tapered directional, firm board has a true passion for technical expertise. We heart the Never Summer 3-year warranty as they truly stand behind their boards in an industry where just 365 days is the standard. Plus, you get that carbonium top sheet that enhances traction and eliminates the need for a goofy stomp pad. Become the CEO of sick lines with the Chairman from Never Summer.

Price: $599.00

2019 Yes. Pick Your Line Snowboard
Yes. Pick Your Line

Summit to suds, the Yes. Pick Your Line Snowboard decimates everything in its path. The PYL is a freeride focused board that’s really more of a 2-in-1 as it has the profile to float powder AND lay down the most aggressive turns. The advanced tech loaded into this rip stick includes a weightless core that packs stability and pop with a mid/strong flex. Riders dropping a deep carve won’t come up empty as the PYL powers through every turn with energy to spare. Speed, pop, and responsiveness push at the seams of this favorite as a blended sidecut delivers massively solid stability when you exterminate the boundaries your own adventure. Refuse to take “no” for an answer with the Pick Your Line Snowboard from Yes.

Price: $599.00

2019 Arbor Westmark Snowboard
Arbor Wasteland

Loaded with versatility and hard-charging power, the Arbor Wasteland Snowboard is back for another season, and this might just be its best yet. Arbor ups the ante once more as they have stocked the Wasteland with the types of tech that advanced riders crave. A rockered profile keeps the nose lofted out of deep snow and an incredibly light core combined with ideal contact points makes this all-mountain machine super maneuverable. Seriously, it must have some mind-reading intelligence installed, because all you have to do is think it and the Wasteland is already responding with smooth turns and plenty of pop. A stiffer flex and impressive edge hold to guarantee that you can tackle technical terrain, but it’s not overly aggressive to the point where you have to manhandle it in order to have fun. Mount up with the Wasteland and create your own wilderness of clean lines and good times. One of the best freeride snowboards for sale of all time.

Price: $649.00

2019 CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard
CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome

“Excuse me. I’m just going to slip right through here. Pardon. Is this seat taken? Well, don’t mind if I do.” There isn’t much space left on the bandwagon, but snag a spot if you can, because the hype is real when it comes to the CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard. This freestyle phenom absolutely punishes the park, but make no mistake as it can massacre the entire mountain. As a true twin with a perfectly mild flex, the DOA features carbon fiber beams through the center that equate to massive amounts of pop and response. Butter, press, grind, and slide your way through the park, but don’t forget to really send it off some of the mega hits. A lightweight, yet stable core can hold its own in the hairier terrain, and Kevlar Bound sidewalls beef up the durability so you can push this piece harder than you may dare with other decks. Thanks to its advanced profile, you really do get the power and precision of a cambered board, yet all the predictability and simple turn initiation of a flat or reverse camber board remain intact. A low maintenance base and a surprisingly modest price point round out all the many, many things tasty bits to salivate over when it comes to the CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard.

Price: $499.95

2019 Ride Warpig Snowboard

Much more than just your standard stubby chubby, the Ride WARPIG Snowboard is a versatile volume shifted shredcicle that knows how to have fun all over the bump. Like other boards that are a bit on the short and wide side, the Warpig is certainly a surfer, but it’s got a freestyle feel that can slaughter pow, hoof it through the trees, and sizzle in the park. This directional rocker is stable, yet lively as it’s actually got a pleasant amount of pop without really much of a need to load up. Those Ride Slimewalls mute chatter, plus they really dial up the durability. All in all, this edition of the Warpig is more snarky and snappy than you might expect, but with a medium flex that leads to a lively and stable experience. Far beyond simply a fun groom cruiser, the RIDE Warpig Snowboard is an insanely maneuverable menace that insists on hogging the whole hill.

Price: $489.00

Ready to rip yet? You better snag your stick, because Old Man Winter is about to get wicked.

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  1. Have you ignored everything happening in snowboarding? Lib Tech Orca, Ride War Pig, CAPiTA Super DOA, Jones Mind Expander are all at the top of every shops re-order list right now because they are the top snowboards of 2020.

    • Clearly you did not make it to page 2? Aka the Top 2019 Snowboards. Incase you’re lazy the list is below. Oh and the Mind Expander, actually won best “powder board”

      -Never Summer Chairman Snowboard
      -Yes. Pick Your Line Snowboard
      -Arbor Wasteland Snowboard
      -CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard
      -Ride Warpig Snowboard
      -Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard

  2. Except none of them won the black out contest

    • Mike Hardaker | April 24, 2019 at 12:05 PM | Reply

      The mags are pretty darn biased toward advertisers. So I wouldn’t take anything published in the major snowboard mags seriously. They run the pay to play model

  3. Johnny Hastings | October 30, 2018 at 2:46 PM | Reply

    What is the name of the shark board

  4. Hey, I see the Ride Warpig made your list; did you also test the MTN Pig? I mostly ride Sugarloaf, ME, which is big and steep by East Coast standards, making fast, aggressive turns ons groomers, but also want something with a little extra float for pow days and getting my freeride fix on the annual trip out West (Big Sky this year!). Currently have a 1st gen Burton Flight Attendant 162, but have come to find it too narrow as I’ve gotten better at, and more enthusiastic about, getting horizontal on edge. From other reviews I’ve read, MTN Pig 160w or 164w seem like good options. Any advice is much appreciated.

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