Top 10 Snowboards for 2022

Best 2018 Snowboards

With several resorts having already fired up their lifts and many more preparing to do so in the near future, the distinct aroma of shred is in the air as it wafts down from the peaks that are once again becoming blanketed in our favorite fluffy stuff. So what’s your weapon of choice this year? Are you going for a plank that will disassemble the park feature after feature? How about something that’ll keep you afloat when the powder seriously stacks up? Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a quiver killer that’ll thrive no matter what you ride? Whatever you fancy, have no doubt that there are a ton of great boards on the menu season. Here are our picks for the best snowboards of  2017 – 2018.

salomon assassin 2018 snowboard

Salomon Assassin

Stalk your target and execute through flawless precision with this freestyle focused true twin. A blend of everything you could want in a board profile includes a flat section from one binding to the other for stability you can trust, camber underfoot for incredible responsiveness, and a touch of rocker at the tip/tail for a touch of float and a heap of mean presses. That all adds up to a rip stick that’s supremely obedient to its master as an agile, but fun board that features a medium flex and lightweight, yet bombproof core. If you’re the kind of rider who envisions the whole hill as your park, the Assassin undoubtedly hits the mark. Born to kill and bred to thrill, this bad boy takes no prisoners.

Price: $449.00

Arbor Westmark 2018 Snowboard

Arbor Westmark

Our other freestyle fave hails from the wizards at Arbor who have done their fans the favor of crafting this board with both a rocker and camber option. So no more fighting, guys. We’re all winners here. Regardless of which profile you choose, you’re getting a crisp, poppy ride on a true twin with a medium flex and those wide, flat tips that just beg to be buttered, ollied, and nollied in an obsessive manner. Take a glance under the hood and you’ll find a poplar core made of 100% sustainably grown trees that deliver droves of durability. The Westmark simply oozes quality craftsmanship that is backed by Arbor’s unbeatable 3-year warranty. So go ahead and get wicked with it, because this beast can handle the most twisted run you can fathom.

Price: $449.00

Slash Brainstorm 2018 snowboard

Slash Brainstorm

Get off the groomers and ride the rowdy runs with all the aggression of a roided out wolverine thanks to this epic freeride/powder board from Slash. The Brainstorm fearlessly tackles chunder and crud while effortlessly floating the deep stuff due to its unique Backseat CamRock profile design. Plenty of rocker in the front keeps your nose out of trouble and a setback positioning won’t wear out that rear leg when you’re mobbing through fresh feet of snow. The core, sidecut, and laminates all team up to create a poppy, reactive experience that gives you all kinds of confidence in the hairiest conditions. Did we mention there is Kevlar in this thing? While we wouldn’t recommend using it as a shield in a shootout, we can absolutely endorse its ability to hang tough no matter what you throw its way.

Price: $449.00


GNU Mullair

For those who roam wherever the mountain calls, this board from Mervyn Manufacturing and Nicolas Muller serves as a skeleton key that unlocks the entire hill. A true all-mountain board at its finest, this piece doesn’t just do everything moderately well but instead thrives no matter where you ride or what conditions you face. The profile is mostly dominated by camber, but there is still a mild rocker between the bindings, which really adds up to a best of both worlds scenario that enables shredders to charge steep, technical lines. With a flex rating trending towards the stiffer side and that classic Magne-Traction serration, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a line the GNU Mullair Snowboard can’t devour. The Mullair isn’t all business though as it can still show off its playful side whenever you just feel like goofing off. There really isn’t anything that can stop this board. Well, maybe Superman could. At least we can all agree that Mullair v Superman would have been a better movie.

Price: $599.00

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  1. Have you ignored everything happening in snowboarding? Lib Tech Orca, Ride War Pig, CAPiTA Super DOA, Jones Mind Expander are all at the top of every shops re-order list right now because they are the top snowboards of 2020.

    • Clearly you did not make it to page 2? Aka the Top 2019 Snowboards. Incase you’re lazy the list is below. Oh and the Mind Expander, actually won best “powder board”

      -Never Summer Chairman Snowboard
      -Yes. Pick Your Line Snowboard
      -Arbor Wasteland Snowboard
      -CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard
      -Ride Warpig Snowboard
      -Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard

  2. Except none of them won the black out contest

    • Mike Hardaker | April 24, 2019 at 12:05 PM | Reply

      The mags are pretty darn biased toward advertisers. So I wouldn’t take anything published in the major snowboard mags seriously. They run the pay to play model

  3. Johnny Hastings | October 30, 2018 at 2:46 PM | Reply

    What is the name of the shark board

  4. Hey, I see the Ride Warpig made your list; did you also test the MTN Pig? I mostly ride Sugarloaf, ME, which is big and steep by East Coast standards, making fast, aggressive turns ons groomers, but also want something with a little extra float for pow days and getting my freeride fix on the annual trip out West (Big Sky this year!). Currently have a 1st gen Burton Flight Attendant 162, but have come to find it too narrow as I’ve gotten better at, and more enthusiastic about, getting horizontal on edge. From other reviews I’ve read, MTN Pig 160w or 164w seem like good options. Any advice is much appreciated.

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