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The sun gives us life but also gives us death. Having spent my entire life living at the beach or in the mountains I have been exposed to a lifetime worth of sun over the past 34 years, and nothing [is] without poisonous qualities. So I began to research how the best sunscreen for surfing activity along with the best sunscreen for skiing and more.

Best Sunscreen For Surfing

If your spending time in the water surfing I found that applying two different layers of sunscreen to my face offered the best protection. The first layer I like to use is a non-Zink based sunscreen like the Beyond Coastal Active Face Stick or the tried and true Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer Sunscreen with Helioplex.

Once the first layer has been applied then the fun begins, as you can paint your face like a clown with a Zink sunscreen like the Joshua Tree Reef Safe Sunscreen or some cheaper Zink based sunscreen from the supermarket.

While Banana Boat was unmatched for use on the body.

Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen

Banana Boat Sport

Banana Boat Sports Performance Sunscreen is what surfers in the know turn too for protecting everything from their necks down. I first heard about this specific brand of sunscreen from Quik’s surf team manager as I was planning a surf trip down to El Tunco El Salvador.

Why does the Banana Boat Sports Performance sunscreen work so well for surfing? In places like Central America, the climate is very humid and most sunscreen when applied will simply wash right off with your sweat.

The spray-on Banana Boat Sports Performance sunscreen actually sticks to your body, is nongreasy and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. If your heading on a surf trip, fill your bag up with theses spray cans beforehand, this is the best sunscreen for surfing and odds are will be expensive if you can find it on vacation. SPF 15, 30, 50, 100

Price: $13.00

Joshua Tree Reef Safe Sunscreen

Joshua Tree Reefsafe Sunscreen

Another great option for surfers especially those that are more environmentally conscious is the Joshua Tree Reef Safe Sunscreen What I love about this sunscreen is it’s made with 100% natural and organic ingredients and best of all when the sunscreen does wear off (as all will) the ingredients can co-exist with the living reef. Joshua Tree Reef Safe Sunscreen is Zink based which can be harder to rub in then non-zink sunscreens. I found this worked great a secondary layer of sunscreen on my face especially with the beeswax which is a natural water repellant.

If you look around in the water most surfers over 30 years of age are now wearing a zink based sunscreen, odds are the ski and snowboard community will soon follow the surf communities’ footsteps. The combination of natural oils and butter really makes this sunscreen smell great. SPF 30

Price: $19.99


Beyond Coastal Active Face Stick

Beyond Coastal Active Face Stick

The Beyond Coastal’s Active Face Stick is a must-have for anyone that spends time in the sun. The Facestick can easily be thrown in a pocket, your backpack or car, essentially there is no reason to not be carrying this stick. Beyond Coastal’s Active Facestick is tiny ( a little bit smaller than a Zippo lighter) and comes with 0.5 ounces of sunscreen, this may not seem or look like a lot however one stick has lasted me for two weeks of daily single-use applications.

The Facestick is water-resistant for up to 40 minutes, goes on clear and smells of citrus. Trust me, you will love this sunscreen and it’s even refreshing with ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, and yerba maté, your skin will thank you!! SPF 30

Price: $6.99

Elemental Herbs Sport Sunscreen

Elemental Herbs All Good Sport Sunscreen

Elemental Herbs All Good Sport Sunscreen works wonders for anyone that is exposed to the sun at high elevations. This Zink based skiing sunscreen goes on clear however it leaves a protective film of sorts on your skin. The extra layering of protection not only blocked the suns harmful UV rays but also worked as a wind and cold blocker helping to cut down on skin damage.

I first heard about skiers using sunscreen to block cold and wind from professional skier Chris Anthony ( who happens to be a ginger too..) SPF 33

Price: $14.99

After Sun Moisturizer

Joshua Tree Lavender After Sun

If you used the sunscreens listed above properly than odds are you helped to greatly minimize the impacts of the sun on your skin. However, there is one final step in the process, something I just started doing within the last few months which is applying an after-sun moisturizer like the Beyond Coastal After Sun or Joshua Tree Lavender After Sun lotions.

Both lotions are packed full of organic Shea Butter which feels heavenly, smells delicious and really makes your skin come back to life. I find myself even applying the moisturizers in the morning before I put any sunscreen on as my skins absolutely love the way the After Sun lotions feel.

Price: $17.99

Sun Exposure Tips

It is now “COOL” to have a white nose in the water, which is a much better alternative to skin cancer.

– In the mountains, especially on snowy overcast days where the sun seems to be hiding applying sunscreen is just as important and easily forgotten. I will be riding with the Beyond Coastal Face Stick in my pocket all season long and will surely have a couple of extra sticks in my backpack for friends. As mentioned above not only will sunscreen work as advertised to blocks the sun’s rays but it also helps to cut down on windburn and frostbite.

Remember that in the mountains you are much closer to the sun, even when it’s cloudy

– Last but not least really try and limit the amount of sun exposure between the hours of 10am-2pm when the suns rays are the most harmful. Besides that late, in the day the snow is already chewed up and the wind has turned onshore…

Be safe, educate your friends and continue to enjoy playing in the sun

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Mike Hardaker
Mike Hardaker grew up surfing and snowboarding in Orange County and followed his love of surfing to Hawaii before eventually moving to the mountains to concentrate on snowboarding. He went on to found Mountain Weekly News where he is still CEO and Editor in Chief.

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  1. Your pick of Banana Boat for the best surfing sunscreen shows a real lack of insight into the sunscreen world. This formula contains Oxybenzone which is harmful to both humans and animals and pollutes our oceans. It is also in spray form, which is dangerous if inhaled.

    • Mike Hardaker | April 20, 2015 at 5:07 PM | Reply


      I appreciate your comment, but if you want to argue my picks why not suggest an alternative? I take it you have never been down to El Salvador? Good luck putting on any other type of sunscreen over your body but the Banana Boat product I mentioned. Sure it sucks for the environment, but the moles on my back don’t lie from before I used started using this stuff.

      I am ginger and know a thing or two about sunscreen. Without a spray how you going to cover your entire back?

      As for Reef Safe that Joshua Tree stuff is rad.


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