Burley D’lite Bike Trailer Review
I’ve spent a good chunk of my life comparing and researching outdoor gear, a mostly selfish act since most of that time (prior to my gig as a reviewer) was simply thinking about how to make MY day better. When I found out I had a kid on the way, suddenly gear research took on  [...]
9 of the Best Bikes to Commute to Work
The weather is starting to get nice here in Colorado, and a lot of people are probably thinking about getting on their bikes to commute to work (or at least to the farmer’s market). Whether you’re just getting into cyclocommuting or you’re a seasoned veteran, you’re going to want the best tool for the job.  [...]
The Best Mountain Bikes on Sale for 2017
It’s been a while since we’ve put together a list of the best mountain bikes on the market, and a few things have changed. Our previous choices, which you can still see at the end of the article, are going to be harder to find, but they’re still great trail machines. If you want to do  [...]
Dakine Derail Bike Short Review
If you are like me odds are you plan to spend a lot of time this spring, summer and fall sitting on your bike seat. When it comes to bike shorts, not all shorts are equal in terms of length, style and fit. I have been testing the Dakine Derail Mountain Bike shorts for the  [...]
Best Hybrid Bikes To Get Around On
Hybrid bikes combine the best characteristics of road bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes, resulting in a general-purpose bike that is great for commuting or recreation. Hybrid bikes are often the perfect choice for those that aren’t uber serious about cycling but still want a great way to get around town and get some exercise.  [...]
Lazer Oasiz Bike Helmet Review
The Lazer Oasiz mountain bike helmet is a go-anywhere, do-everything slice of melon protection. Designed to let you rip up some trails or even get off the track with confidence, the Oasiz has got everything necessary to enhance your time on two wheels. Before I even opened the box I could tell that this was  [...]
Surly Ice Cream Truck Fat Bike Review
The first time you see one in a store or in a magazine it’s a common mistake to think, “huh, must be an acquired taste, kind of like eating haggis, or whatever it is telemarkers do on skis”. But fat bikes have gone mainstream by now, and it is not a coincidence, as they’re as  [...]
Bontrager Race Wheel Review
The Bontrager Race Wheel brake system allows for the wheels to be easily removed. This is nice if you ever need to transport your bike in a vehicle without a bike rack. These wheels are designed to be used with Disc Brakes. I have been using these wheels to zip around Denver, CO as a  [...]