• Ryan Ariano

    Hi Ant,
    The Cub and the D’Lite are pretty comparable. I would say it comes down to what you’re planning on using it for. If it’s just to get around town (commuting, shopping, etc…), the Cub might be a better choice because it has slightly more storage space and the plastic bottom adds an extra bit of ruggedness to handle any debris kicked up as well as heavy splashing through puddles and such. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to pull serious distances (or on hills) go for the D’Lite. By dropping 200 cubic liters of storage space and the plastic bottom you also drop 10 pounds. The Cub, at 37 pounds total, is 1 and a third times as heavy as the D’Lite, which quickly adds up when pushing beyond a couple mile townie cruise or biking even slightly uphill. And if you’re planning on using it as a sled when you skate-skiing, that 10 pounds is huge.
    Hope that helps.

  • Ant

    I’ve been looking over these bike trailers for a while. I have it down to the Burley D’lite vs the Cub. I was wondering if you have seen the new Cub with the plastic base and what your take would be between the two.