Bogs Rancher Steel Toe Boots Review

The Bogs Rancher Steel Toe Boots

Ranchers that have ever worked with wet feet are going to appreciate the new Bogs Rancher Boots that is specifically designed for agricultural use in temperatures all the way down to 40 degrees below zero. Featuring 7mm Neo-Tech insulation the Bogs Rancher Steel toe boot is incredibly warm and surprisingly comfortable.

Bogs Rancher Boots Review

There’s only way to really test ranch boots and that’s to go out and play in the mud. The Bogs Rancher Boots are designed with a great swing weight which helped keep the boots attached to your feet even in the muckiest of conditions. After three hours of bird hunting, I came back to the truck and my feet were warm and dry– now that’s a first.

Bogs boots are listed as 100% waterproof so we thought why not try these fishing up in the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t have asked for a better boot for the trip. Featuring a nonslip and nonmarking outsole and flexible inner bootie the Rancher boots work amazing on the water. The best part about the Bogs Rancher Steel Toe Boot and all the Bogs products is they can be used year-round in any conditions you can find snow, mud rain whatever it is these boots will push through with ease. According to the companies website “we have our home in the Pacific Northwest where a few degrees can be the difference between a snowstorm, a week of rain or a weekend of sunshine.”

Overall Impression

If your work on a ranch, fish, snowmobile or do anything outdoor-related you will love the Bogs Rancher Steel Toe Boot. Holidays are around the corner and we wanted to be sure to mention the best gift you could buy for the rancher in your family or for yourself the Bogs Rancher Steel Toe Boot ($129.95) available in sizes 7 all the way up to 18. Once you try a pair on you may not want to ever wear any other boots, we are sold on the brand and hope you will give them a try.

Rated one of the best men’s mountain boots for winter.

Bogs Rancher Steel Toe Boots

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