Bolle Vibe Polarized Sunglasses Review

Bolle Vibe

Right off the bat, it is important to note the Bolle Vibe Sunglasses low price tag. While similarly polarized lens sunglasses often run in the ballpark of two to three hundred dollars, these babies from Bolle are only in the double digits (exact prices vary depending on model).

Bolle Vibe Sunglasses Weight

A sturdy and stylish carrying case comes with the sunglasses, allowing you to carry around when you’re not wearing them without worry of damage. The Bolle Vibe sunglasses themselves feature polycarbonate lenses that the company claims to be twenty times more impact resistant than glass.

Everybody needs a solid pair of sunglasses. And few companies produce better ones than the optics giant Bolle.

Though they are more well-known as a high-quality ski/snowboard goggle company, Bolle comes out with all its engines firing when it comes to making sunglasses. All of their sunglasses are awesome but the Vibe is among the best of the best.

The sunglasses are lightweight and incredibly comfortable. They fit well and do not slip. They have a sleek and sporty look – without going overboard – that sort of combines a designer pizazz with the rugged outdoorsiness that Bolle is known for. The sunglasses are available in a multitude of different colorways so everybody will find something they’re comfortable with.

Polarized Lenses

Though I’ve yet to try the sunglasses out in super-bright summer sun, I have been rocking them around town on bright days this winter. And, man, we’ve had some bright ones up here in Washington. The polarization has kept all of the rays at bay, protecting my eyes. I’ve already used the sunglasses on a few bicycling trips and they’ve transitioned between light levels with ease. More testing is needed in brighter weather but I’ve no doubt in my mind that the sunglasses will hold up like champions.

Overall Impression

Stylish, solid, comfortable, and all but indestructible? What more can you ask for in a high-performing pair of sunglasses. Low, affordable price? Oh, yeah, Bolle has that too. Pick up a pair of Bolle Vibe Sunglasses ($59) if you know what’s good for you.

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