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We learned I was pregnant a little over two months after our wedding. Surprised was an understatement, but clueless about motherhood was an even larger understatement. Case in point, as word spread throughout our families that we were expecting, I started getting the question “where are you registered” … registered?

I had no idea people had baby registries. Needless to say, I spent months leading up to little man’s birth trying to get a firm grasp of all things babies. Fast forward to the present day and I am now mother to three little guys. Yes, three boys or “our little army” as I affectionately call them now. And our first, the oldest, will turn five in just three short weeks.

In the past five years, I have become an abyss of knowledge, from birthing to breastfeeding to babywearing and beyond. I can talk baby with the best of them and for hours on end if you’ll let me.

Being a mom is not only emotionally, physically, and mentally fulfilling (and exhausting), but it is big business. Moms buy a lot of stuff! Not only groceries, clothes and books, but “baby gear” — every mom has her own list of must-haves for baby. In fact, if you search “what to buy for a new baby” on Google and you’ll get 718,000 pages! Something that is more often than not found on these lists is a stroller. And when it comes to choosing a stroller there’s are so many options it can be overwhelming.

The Bugaboo Stroller Difference

Do you want a car seat stroller, umbrella stroller, jogging stroller, double stroller, etc., etc.? Then once you have the kind of stroller in mind that you want, you have to figure out what sort of features you want and truly need.

There are a lot of things I look for in a stroller: ease of the push, ability to handle different terrains, lightweight, small & simple fold down, ample storage, and comfortable seats. I was given the opportunity to review the uber stylish and envy of fashionable moms worldwide, Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller — and let me say, I now understand what all the fuss is about.


Bugaboo Buffalo Assembly

First, what I love about the Bugaboo Stroller… “Easiest assembly ever” as my husband said, about ten minutes after opening the box. It pushes like a dream and its turning radius is the best I’ve ever experienced. I can literally push it one-handed, loaded with a 30-pound toddler, and storage basket full of a day’s worth of errands without breaking a sweat or struggling in any way.

The stroller itself is a lightweight twenty-seven pound. The sun shade is huge, so baby is well, well protected from scorching sun and cold wind gusts. It actually has a hidden expandable extension, which zips away when not in use. I’ve used many, many strollers in my five years and this sun shade is the best I’ve ever seen! The seat can be turned to face me or to the world when out on an adventure. And the turning of the seat from one way to the other takes less than thirty seconds.

The seat also has three recline positions, which can be switched between easily as well, and was comfortable for both my two-year-old and six months old. The storage basket holds a lot and is easy to get into without bothering the seated child above. The frame itself is a sleek silver and black. Everywhere there is a white spot, is an area where something can be adjusted. So no more looking around and under trying to figure out what to push or pull to fold down the stroller, recline the seat, or lock the wheel. This is such a wonderful design feature that I really want to point out because it saves so much time and effort.

What Can be Improved?

What I don’t love: The stroller does have an easy fold down. But to get it down to the smallest possible size, which is indeed very small (probably smaller than the majority of people need), you have to remove the seat from the frame and fold them on top of each other. This isn’t so much a daily issue for me, but if flying I would personally purchase a carry bag for the stroller to ensure that the frame and seat stay together. Not a necessity, but that’s what I would feel the most comfortable doing when traveling with it.

The handlebar extends up and out, which is great for those of us with longer legs (so we aren’t hitting the seat or storage basket with every step) and really wonderful when used in a restaurant, because it pushes down and fits easily into the space a normal chair takes up without intruding into the other tables spaces.

The stroller comes with a bassinet/pram option, which is really key for those who travel. By having the pram you don’t have to use the hotel’s crib and a baby has a familiar place to rest when going from one place to another. All the fabric that is a part of the stroller is machine washable and easy to take off and put back on – something I can’t say for any other stroller I’ve ever used.

Overall Impression

The Buffalo is designed for the family that is on the go; the family that wants to take baby and kid everywhere without skipping a beat. It is an all-terrain stroller that can handle just as well on the sidewalk as it can in the snow, at the beach, and up the trail. Yes, seriously. The wheels can swivel and lock in place, and it can go from four wheels to two wheels depending on what sort of terrain you are dealing with.

The price ($1,100 and up) is the other thing I don’t love, but the upside is these strollers hold their value, are in demand and are essentially the Mercedes of strollers.

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