Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Review

Burton All-Around Snowboard

The Burton Custom Flying V is by far one of Burton snowboards best all-around offerings. The Burton Custom Flying V has a laid back, easy handling, and fun feels to it. It’s seriously snappy and comes with a whole ton of pop.

Burton Custom Flying V Review

The Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard is by far one of the absolute best that I’ve had the opportunity to shred on in the past few years. In fact, the board just might be my favorite park board of all time. It’s just that good.

The Flying V’s playfulness is thanks in large part to the perfect rocker/camber profile. It pitches the perfect amounts of each together, in the same board, to create a truly terrifying Frankenstein of a fun machine.

The rocker is very aggressive and is built into the nose, tail, and area between your feet. On the other hand, the camber sits nicely below both of your feet.

It’s not an uncommon set-up as far as snowboards go, but Burton adds a little of their own magic to it and the feel of the board is like no other around.

Burton Super Fly II with a Dualzone EGD core, Triax Fiberglass, Lightning Bolts, and Carbon I-Beam construction are just a few of the design features that the Flying V incorporates. Along with these, a sintered WFO base, 10:45 sidewalls, Frostbite Edges, and progressively wider waist widths are a few other specs that make the Flying V the awesome snowboard that it is.

Following in the path of most of Burton’s other boards, the Burton Custom Flying V is set up with their progressive Channel system. This allows you to completely dial the board in for your own personal preferences and the current slope conditions. Furthermore, it allows you to quickly tweak and change your binding’s settings when you’re on the slopes.

Finally, the Channel binding system reduces the board’s overall weight and makes the ride that much more fun.

Overall Impression

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not the most talented snowboarder at the mountain. I know I’m never going to go pro so I prefer a simple and fun board over something that is ultra-expensive and loaded with wacky special features. And that’s why I love the Burton Custom Flying V ($599.99). It is the most fun board in my arsenal.

Burton Custom Flying V
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