Burton Fish Snowboard Review

Burton Fish Review

I was excited to see if the Burton Fish Snowboard could actually live up to the hype or if it was fish stories told by park rats. I picked up the Fish from the new Burton store in Vail Village, I had my bindings set back an inch from the standard set up and literally had about 8 inches of tail and tons on the nose.

Burton Fish Review

The Burton Fish Snowboard is a Directional powder board, with a swallow tail and S-Rocker shape. Thanks to this design it really allows the nose to get up on the snow with camber under the feet for improved stability and quickness in the turning radius. The Fish has a tapered tip and tail to keep you up in the fluff. But honestly, you will always be floating on cloud9 anytime to mount this board up.

This year’s Burton Fish snowboard is extremely light. It’s important to have a light powder board, if the board is too heavy it will submarine and you may end up having to fight to get the board back on top of the snow, thankfully that will never happen with this board.

The Fish is lightweight and shaped to keep you on top even in the strangest of snow conditions. The Fish floats easily through wet spring snow, as well as light fluff, the weight is a treat and takes the burden off your front leg on the lift rides on those blower powder days. The Fish is still able to maintain a stable edge when riding through crud, chop and variable snow conditions. But this is a powder board after all..

Burton Fish Flex Test

Burton rates the Fish at a 5 on their flex meter, 10 being the stiffest. The board was built with Directional Flex allowing the tail to be spring-loaded, with pop for jumps and ollies. The nose maintains flex to carve through bowls, trees, and moguls. The Fish rides like the boards of yesteryear with the flex of the boards we ride today, a great meeting of the ages. What happened, why on earth did we change shapes so fast?

Burton’s Fish turns quickly and is agile in the powder and floats with ease. I was surprised how well the Fish handled the hard-pack at the end of the day; it rode with power and precision.

The board is easy to control and with the tapered shape the nose that really drives through the snow while making the ride more enjoyable and allowing anyone to use less energy to control the board. It was fun to ride past kids on their twin tips and blow past them in the deep stuff, the ease of control is a huge plus and the main reason to ride this board on days over 8 inches.

The Burton Fish has a swallow tail and is not designed to ride switch. This board is meant to be riding straight ahead for the deep stuff. The Fish Sniffs out the powder and is on a mission to slay it, that is the sole purpose this board was designed for. What else eats snow for breakfast?

Overall Impression

This year’s Burton Fish ($599.95) is a great snowboard for anyone that spends their time riding powder, or better yet the ultimate cat-skiing board. What a trip, riding the Fish took me back to when I first started snowboarding over 20 years ago, it had a similar shape, but with many improvements of today’s modern innovations.

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