Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard Review

Burton flight attendant snowboard review

The Burton Flight Attendant has a unique -rocker shape. It features regular camper about 2/3 of the way from the tail, then a rockered tip that kicks the nose up. That profile gives you the float you need to effortlessly rip through the fluff. However, the board is aggressive enough to dissect all kinds of terrain in variable conditions.

Burton Infinite Ride

Burton installed the Flight Attendant with Squeezebox technology. They have spent the last couple of seasons perfecting it. This feature makes the Burton Family Tree Flight Attendant pretty snappy. The fluid energy transfer is definitely noticeable. The stability has certainly been improved, so you can really feel confident tracking into a feature to seriously send it. Even though this board has a stiffer flex pattern, it is fairly easy to manipulate and control with authority.

Infinite Ride is this sort of wild thing Burton is doing with their boards now. They basically overbuilt the Family Tree and then use a machine to break in the board for you. They do this to maximize the strength, pop, and flex of the board while creating a natural, consistent feel. Employing the Infinite Ride approach lets you hop on the stick and feel comfortable right away. No need to work it out over several sessions.

Burton Channel Mounting

The Burton Flight Attendant comes suited with The Channel mounting system. It has been around for a while now, but Burton has made upgrades each year. It works best with Burton bindings (how convenient) but is compatible with pretty much all other major bindings. Boards that feature The Channel get backed up with a three-year warranty, a nice little perk if you are the type to mangle snowboards quicker than the average ripper.

Overall Impression

Overall, the Burton Family Tree Flight Attendant ($549.95) can handle its own in the park or on the groomers, but with its unique profile, it truly thrives in the fluff and ripping apart technical runs. Strapping in with this board really does instill some tangible confidence that urges you to go bigger and rip harder.

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